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2nd 3rd class or ps (16 april-2013)


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All Operating Room Personnel,
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Arman Ali -ORP

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2nd 3rd class or ps (16 april-2013)

  1. 1. 2ND3rd Teaching Class for ORPsIndus Education Programme16-APRIL-2013 @2100PSTA*Module # 1-Employee Health:Policy-02:*Personn4el working in the OR shallbe free from active infection*Will keep vaccinations current asvaccinations provide backup . . protection whenthere has been a failure in work practices.B*Medical Terminologies:Appendicitis:“Inflammation of appendixcommonest cause of acute abdominal . . ... emergency”..icitis = infection• Perforation• Gangrene• Peritonitis• Surgery• Appendectomy• VariableC*Scrubbing Technique:There are following two main stepsof Scrubbing;1. SocialScrubbing2. SurgicalScrubbingNormalroutine handwashing .finger tips toelbowSurgicalScrubbing further
  2. 2. divided into 3-steps:1. Handwashingwith 7-stepsfinger tipsto elbow.2. Handwashingwith sterilebrushfinger tipsto elbow.3. Handwashingonly fingertips towrist.Note: First Time Scrubbing during:Total 7 – 10 minutes.Attendance OR-Staff:1. Shamshad2. Samuel3. Haris4. Yaseen5. Imran6. Nargis7. Khalid8. M.Nasir___________________________________________________