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How to teach ethics of science to PhD


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presentation from ORPHEUS conference 2017

Published in: Health & Medicine
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How to teach ethics of science to PhD

  1. 1. How to teach ethics of science to PhD students Ana Borovecki, University of Zagreb, School of medicine
  2. 2. Teaching research ethics • The research misconduct cases became very prominent issue in the public arena in recent years. • The importance of research integrity was highlighted by the Global Research Council and by the EU within the framework of Horizon 2020 projects. • There is a need for creating a practical toolkit for people teaching future PhD students in biomedicine and healthcare sciences and for PhD students themselves.
  3. 3. Teaching research ethics • Part of PhD training • Small group discussions • Journal clubs • Interactive tutorials
  4. 4. Resources • •
  5. 5. Textbooks • European Textbook on Ethics in Research; European Commission Directorate-General for Research; Communication Unit 2010 • Write your own