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Thomas O'Rourke's teaching resource for Year 8 Medieval Europe


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For assessment 2 in EDUC1751 from the University of Newcastle

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Thomas O'Rourke's teaching resource for Year 8 Medieval Europe

  1. 1. Everyday Life in Medieval Europe By Thomas O’Rourke
  2. 2. Overview of Life in Medieval Europe
  3. 3. Feudal System
  4. 4. • Everyday life in Medieval Europe was governed following what we call the Feudal System • Feudalism is a system of landownership and duties
  5. 5. Here is a YouTube clip to explain just what the Feudal System really was
  6. 6. You now have 10minutes to answer the following question 
  7. 7. What are 3 main points of the Feudal System? Briefly describe how the Feudal System impacted on daily life? (note to marker skip this part as it sits on here for 10minutes)
  8. 8. Everyday life of men and women in Medieval Europe
  9. 9. • Everyday life in Medieval Europe varied greatly from class to class, e.g. Kings lived in huge castles and had their every need catered for, while peasants lived with their families in house no bigger than your rooms, left to defend themselves
  10. 10. The following video gives a good overview of all aspects of daily life in Medieval Europe
  11. 11. What happened for fun????
  12. 12. If you were a peasant in medieval times, work was your fun. If you didn’t work you couldn’t live. The upper classes (Kings and Nobles) enjoyed games such as checkers and chess
  13. 13. One of the more historically popular forms of medieval entertainment is jousting Jousting involved two knights on horses charging at each other with long sticks (the jousts) in an attempt to knock the other knight off his horse
  14. 14. Here is a video of a reacted Joust in action
  15. 15. Syllabus Snapshot The way life in Medieval Europe (social, cultural, economic and political features) and the roles and relationships of different groups in society (ACDSEH008)
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