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ORM Designer


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Learn what is ORM Designer and how it can help you with making of any web application in Doctrine, Doctrine2, Propel, CakePHP and other ORM frameworks.

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ORM Designer

  1. 1. What is ORM Designer and how it can help you?
  2. 2. What is ORM Designer? ● Visual editor for ORM frameworks. ● Allowing to continuously design your model and export changes to ORM schema files. ORM Designer saves up to 70% of your time.
  3. 3. Overview of
  4. 4. What does ORM Designer export? ● Entities, their relations and all other properties are exported to definition files. ● Exported definitions are standardized and ready-to-use by your framework. ● Continuous export allows you to update your definition files.
  5. 5. Which frameworks are supported? ORM Frameworks: ● Doctrine ● Doctrine 2 ● Propel ● CakePHP MVC Frameworks: ● Symfony ● Zend ● and all other frameworks Xml, Yml and Annotation formats are supported.
  6. 6. What if I already have a project? ● Import function enables automatic transfer of your project into visual model. ● No need to recreate anything by hand. ● Useful for easy and quick start on your project.
  7. 7. Why to use ORM Designer? ● Allows to work four times faster. ● Replaces manual definitions writing. ● Eliminates errors and typos. ● Comfortable work with ORM objects. ● Useful during all stages of a project.
  8. 8. What are other benefits? ● Visual model provides up-to-date documentation for your project. ● Lower need of ORM skills and knowledge. ● Free model viewer allows to share project with colleagues and customers.
  9. 9. Supported OS ● Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32bit / 64bit) ● Mac OSX 10.7+ (64bit) ● Ubuntu 12.04+ (32bit / 64bit) ● Debian 6+ (32bit / 64bit)
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