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ORCID technical integration at Chalmers


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From the ORCID Outreach Meeting, May 21-22, 2014, held in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Best practices in the creation of ORCID identifiers for faculty, staff, and students: technical integration

Research organizations are creating ORCID iDs and integrating them into a variety of systems, from personnel databases, to directories, repositories, and university presses. In this session, organizations will share information and strategies on technical aspects of working with ORCID APIs, strategies for modifying internal systems to capture and store ORCID iDs, and interactions with other identifiers.

Moderator: Simeon Warner, Research Associate, Cornell University


Urban Andersson, IT Librarian, Chalmers University of Technology
Peter Flynn, Lead Developer, Boston University
James Creel, Senior Lead Software Applications Developer, Texas A&M University

Published in: Technology, Education
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ORCID technical integration at Chalmers

  1. 1. ORCID @ Chalmers Best practices in the creation of ORCID ID:s for faculty, staff and students : technical integration ORCID Outreach Meeting Chicago, May 22, 2014 Urban Andersson
  2. 2. Chalmers University of Technology •  17 departments •  10,000 students •  2,000 researchers •  2,500 scholarly publications (2013) •  Open Access mandate •  Chalmers Publications Library (CPL) – repository & publication database •  CRIS in development •  Special focus on bibliometrics
  3. 3. Managing author information in bibliometrics
  4. 4. The geography of Chalmers research
  5. 5. ORCID @ Chalmers •  National project: ”Author Identifiers and Publication Databases” (2012) •  Pilot (September 2013) •  Create and connect service, integration in local systems, support to researchers and faculties (2013-) •  Integration of ORCIDs in the national research infrastructure •  Primary focus on supporting local and (inter)national research infrastructure, bibliometrics •  Co-ordinated by the library, but not a ”library issue”
  6. 6. Pilot study (2013) •  Department of Space and Geo Sciences, approx. 150 researchers •  Initiative from the library and from the head of department •  Object of the pilot was to try out the API and workflows and to learn about responses from the from researchers •  Batch creation of ORCIDs, using the Member API •  Support from the legal office •  Mixed result, slow responses in some cases •  Conclusions •  early adoption - too early? •  focus on infrastructure •  creation of ORCIDs should probably be initiated by the individual researcher in the first phase
  7. 7. Create & connect service • •  Create and provide a sustainable infrastructure for handling ORCIDs at Chalmers •  Provide an easy-to-use service for researchers to create ORCIDs and connect these to the local systems, and a one-stop solution for all things concerning ORCIDs at Chalmers, info & support •  Integrated in the local research infrastructure and administrative systems •  Developed in cooperation with the the central IT dept, using agile methods (SCRUM) •  Researchers targeted, but open for all - faculty, staff & students
  8. 8. Create & connect service
  9. 9. •  SWAMID SAML2 •  name, Chalmers ID, email, (publication profile) Create ORCID Authentication
  10. 10. Create ORCID Verification •  User already exists in the ORCID registry
  11. 11. Create ORCID •  Initial ORCID creation •  ID stored in local HR system but not yet activated
  12. 12. Connect to Chalmers
  13. 13. Connect to Chalmers
  14. 14. Connect to Chalmers
  15. 15. •  User denied Chalmers connection Connect to Chalmers
  16. 16. Connect to Chalmers •  ORCID connected and activated in local systems
  17. 17. Connect to Chalmers •  Chalmers trusted organization, permission to read limited info from ORCID record
  18. 18. ORCID @ Chalmers PDB CPL
  19. 19. SWAMID CPL SwePub CRIS PDB SweCRIS CORDISOpenAIRE Prisma Metrics IDP Repositories ORCID @ Chalmers FundRef ORCID API
  20. 20. Support
  21. 21. The next steps •  New services – Export of publications and research activities to individual ORCID profiles – Services for administrators •  ORCID mandatory in the Swedish Research Council application portal (PRISMA), Q3 2014 •  ORCID in national single sign-on system, as an attribute in SWAMID SAML2 •  Locating Chalmers works in other repositories
  22. 22. Urban Andersson