ORCID integration with Symplectic


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From the ORCID Outreach Meeting, May 21-22, 2014, Chicago Illinois. https://orcid.org/content/orcid-outreach-meeting-and-codefest-may-2014

ORCID integration into researcher information systems

The ORCID identifier has been integrated into numerous researcher information system platforms available to the research community, providing the opportunity for improved data through disambiguation and reducing the time-consuming process of maintaining up-to-date records for both individuals and organizations. This session will feature a discussion of integration points, policy issues, data flow between systems, researcher participation, discovered opportunities, improved metrics and reporting, and demonstrations by universities and vendors.

Moderator: David Baker, Executive Director, CASRAI


Urban Andersson, IT Librarian, Chalmers University of Technology
Michael Habib, Senior Product Manager-Scopus, Elsevier
Julia Hawks, VP, North America, Symplectic
Andrew Johnson, Assistant Professor and Research Data Librarian, University of Colorado Boulder (CU-Boulder)
Patricia Brennan, Thomson Reuters
Christopher Shanahan, Assistant Professor and Faculty Lead, BU Profiles, Boston University School of Medicine
Simeon Warner, Research Associate, Cornell University

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ORCID integration with Symplectic

  1. 1. Commercial in confidence Julia Hawks VP North America ORCID meeting May 2014 www.symplectic.co.uk
  2. 2. Commercial in confidence Let’s start with Elements Note the empty Publications box!
  3. 3. Commercial in confidence Our initial ORCID Integration
  4. 4. Commercial in confidence In their profile a user can configure a connection to their ORCID account
  5. 5. Commercial in confidence This prompts them to sign into their ORCID account
  6. 6. Commercial in confidence Users need to “authorize” access
  7. 7. Commercial in confidence Back in Elements, the connection is now visible along with the user’s ID
  8. 8. Commercial in confidence Publications are added to the user’s profile automatically!
  9. 9. Commercial in confidence To note + Users can cancel the connection at any time either in Elements or in ORCID + Currently searches ORCID for select records with unique IDs that are public or read limited + Records are not pulled from ORCID directly but from sources such as Scopus, PubMed and CrossRef + Future possibilities include ability to import records without unique IDs and ability to use Elements as a source to update ORCID profiles