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ORCID @ Khalifa University


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Presented by Dr. Dorothy Byers, Nikesh Narayanan and Shaju Badarudeen at ORCID's 2016 workshop at Khalifa University.

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ORCID @ Khalifa University

  1. 1. ORCiD@Khalifa University Presented by Dr. Dorothy Byers Nikesh Narayanan Shaju Badarudeen
  2. 2. Objectives • Library – Capture faculty and KU researcher publications for repository – Broaden the exposure to Khalifa University research • University Research Office – Avoid name ambiguity – Effectively capture faculty publication data – Easily link to their citation profiles (Scopus and Web of Science) through their ORCiD profile • Content Management Team (faculty profiles) – Capture data directly from ORCiD profiles which saves the time of faculty and the content management team.
  3. 3. ORCiD implementation plan Completed tasks • Started – 2nd week of September • Implemented ORCiD API on intranet for faculty to sign up and to connect their ORCiD ID with Khalifa University • Created a Libguide with instructions • Met with department heads • Sent e-mail communication to faculty on how to create/connect their ORCiD ID • Conducted faculty training sessions and provided one-on-one assistance
  4. 4. Libguide on ORCiD
  5. 5. ORCiD@Khalifa University- intranet page
  6. 6. KUSTAR ORCiD client id staff id authorization scope access_token expiry date staff id authorization scope orcid details XML MySQL access_token, token_type, expires_in, scope, name, orcid,
  7. 7. ORCiD login success page
  8. 8. ORCiD Dashboard
  9. 9. ORCiD implementation plan Ongoing tasks • Connect faculty ORCiD IDs to Khalifa University • Follow-up on faculty input, request corrections if any • Harvest data to institutional repository using ORCiD plugin • Update dashboard for research department to access faculty ORCiD profiles • Add more features to dashboard per request from various stakeholders
  10. 10. ORCiD-Repository integration workflows • EPrints repository started in the year 2010 • The project was limited to Senior Design projects, Masters theses and PhD theses • It was difficult to gather accurate metadata for faculty publications • ORCiD made it easy for us!
  11. 11. ORCiD Management utility in eprint
  12. 12. ORCiD-Repository integration workflow • Function : Harvest faculty ORCiD profile publication data and import to repository – Direct import of articles with DOI – Add DOI or URL to those articles without any link – Provide link to publisher’s site – Consider providing full-text in future after assessing copyright issues)
  13. 13. Future : tasks to be implemented • Show ORCiD link for each author in the repository • Push repository data to ORCiD profile of corresponding faculty based on ORCiD number • Populate ORCiD publication data to faculty pages in university website • Automate faculty profile data collection using ORCiD data
  14. 14. Thank you ORCiD@Khalifa University team