ORCID Integration at Boston University


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From the ORCID Outreach Meeting, May 21-22, 2014, Chicago Illinois. https://orcid.org/content/orcid-outreach-meeting-and-codefest-may-2014

ORCID integration into researcher information systems

The ORCID identifier has been integrated into numerous researcher information system platforms available to the research community, providing the opportunity for improved data through disambiguation and reducing the time-consuming process of maintaining up-to-date records for both individuals and organizations. This session will feature a discussion of integration points, policy issues, data flow between systems, researcher participation, discovered opportunities, improved metrics and reporting, and demonstrations by universities and vendors.

Moderator: David Baker, Executive Director, CASRAI


Urban Andersson, IT Librarian, Chalmers University of Technology
Michael Habib, Senior Product Manager-Scopus, Elsevier
Julia Hawks, VP, North America, Symplectic
Andrew Johnson, Assistant Professor and Research Data Librarian, University of Colorado Boulder (CU-Boulder)
Patricia Brennan, Thomson Reuters
Christopher Shanahan, Assistant Professor and Faculty Lead, BU Profiles, Boston University School of Medicine
Simeon Warner, Research Associate, Cornell University

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ORCID Integration at Boston University

  1. 1. ORCID Integration into Researcher Information Systems Christopher Shanahan MD MPH Faculty Lead, Research Networking, BU CTSI ORCID 0000-0001-9067-5922
  2. 2. Setting – Boston University Charles River Campus (CRC) Non-Medical Sciences, Humanities, etc. Medical (BUMC) campus Schools of Medicine, Public Health, Dental Medicine Boston Medical Center (BMC) 14 Community Health Centers (CHCs) Other affiliated clinical partners Boston VA Healthcare System West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Bedford
  3. 3. Integration points  Informational / gateway web pages  http:/sites.bu.edu/orcid/  http://sites.bu.edu/orcid/agreement/  Standalone Web application enables individuals to create own ORCiD  ORCiD creation based on the BU HR data or via BU Profiles  ORCID Registration / Signup  ORCID – BU Profiles API:  Can push Profiles affiliation records.  Administrative Mapping of ORCID permission to Profiles permission level.  Administrative creation of ORCiDs for;  Individual with a Profile but no ORCiD recorded.  Individual in a certain institution, department, division, or faculty type.  A other specific individual.  Web or API  Provide an ORCiD  User is redirected to ORCID URL to login  After successful login, user redirected back to BU site  User’s ORCiD is associated with BU Profiles internal username field (BU ID)  ORCiD information updated based on the Profiles data  1. Narrative (if new or updated); 2. Web Sites; 3. Publications
  4. 4. ORCID integration with BU Profiles:  ORCID – BU Profiles API  ORCiD record created through the Profiles/ORCID API.  For individuals with an existing profile populates ORCID with works (publications), websites, biography (narrative), employment and education.  Profile roles mapped to ORCID privacy levels.  ORCID publically displayed as a hyperlink with BU Profiles.  Users logged in to BU Profiles & editing their profile can:  create an ORCiD, if they don’t have one.  conduct basic updates from Profiles  ORCID.  Bulk ORCID creation possible by a system administrator based on selection criteria (school, department, division, person-type, etc.).
  5. 5. Data flow between systems  Faculty Record Creation (Workflow)  Individual receives formal BU faculty academic appointment  Appointment entered into faculty database and SAP by Provost office staff  BU Profile created for new faculty member within a week of academic appointment.  BU Profiles disambiguation engine produces a first publication list for faculty member’s profile.  Faculty member receives an email notice to login in to BU Profiles to review new profile, confirm publications, & add other content (narrative, websites, awards, etc.)
  6. 6. Workflows: New Faculty, Post-Docs, Graduate & Undergraduate Students  Records initially created for all BUMC faculty  On-boarding process to identify new faculty for ORCID creation.  Plan: Wait until ORCID delegate information can be sent through the API before creating any new ORCID records for BUMC and CRC faculty.  Delegate/proxy will not be assigned for postdocs & students  Will increase awareness of ORCID, direct individuals to an application which facilitates the creation and reporting of their ORCID (an opt-in).  Tracking and Reporting of Academic Outcomes  Target individuals at BU nearing graduation/departure.  Develop process to keep BU Profiles up-to-date with works & other information ensuring accurate tracking (via ORCiDs) of future academic outcomes & productivity of individuals (Faculty & Students) departing BU.  Rationale: create & track the ORCID IDs for every researcher ever involved with the institution for internal & external reporting (e.g. training grant proposals, etc.)
  7. 7. Future Workflows: ORCID Record creation  When ORCID enables delegates.  BU Profiles IT Team prompts faculty member to create ORCiD (or ask if they want us to do it for them).  IT Team confirms existing ORCiD.  After confirmation data pushed from BU Profile to ORCID.  New or revised workflows to create (or report existing ORCID records) for university constituents:  BUMC faculty  BUMC postdocs  BU UROP (undergraduates focused on research)  CRC grad students  CRC faculty
  8. 8. Policy issues  Sought engagement from the Medical Campus Provost Council members  Can make high-level decisions (e.g. opt-out for faculty; opt-in for others).  BU General Counsel  Reviewed ORCID policy & implementation plan  Created the BU ORCID Acknowledge & Consent  Describes ORCID terms of use, privacy policy and, record dispute procedures, privacy levels, what to expect, and how data might be might be used.  Opt-In vs Out:  Universal opt-out strategy for Full-Time Faculty at the Medical Campus  some ad hoc exceptions.  Opt out:  Full- and part-time BUMC faculty have the option to opt-out of ORCID.  BUMC faculty not opting out, ORCiDs records created/prepopulated from BU Profiles  One (1) of 1616 eligible faculty opted out  55 eligible individuals had an existing ORCID.  Decision to start at the medical campus  Easier to push publications data for faculty and postdocs in BU Profiles.
  9. 9. Researcher participation (Outreach)  Opt-In vs Out:  Universal opt-out strategy for Full-Time Faculty at the Medical Campus with some ad hoc exceptions.  All communications regarding ORCID sent via the Provost’s office to increase likelihood email are read / acted upon.  Introductory / Orientation Presentations targeting:  Faculty  Graduate Students/Fellows & Post-Docs  Medical Students  Provosts  Deans  General Faculty Meetings  Faculty Development Conferences
  10. 10. Discovered opportunities  ENG (special test using ORCID to create BU Profiles)  UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program)  Grad students: Thesis submissions system  University Library:  Ongoing discussion of ORCID integration points with citation/digital repository.  Increasing ORCID functionality:  Grant, employment, & education data exchange with ORCID
  11. 11. Linking ORCID with other identifiers  Integrate / Store ORCiD within:  BU HR system (SAP)  ORCiDs will be stored centrally at BU Identity and Access Management. BU ORCID Integration demonstration links http://sites.bu.edu/orcid/creation/ http://wwwapp1.bumc.bu.edu/it/orcid/UploadInfoToORCID.aspx http://profiles.bu.edu/Christopher.Shanahan
  12. 12. ORCID - BU Profiles Integration Team  Project leader: Christopher Shanahan MD MPH  Faculty Lead, Research Networking, CTSI, BUSM  cshanaha@bu.edu  Project Co-leader: Christopher Dorney  Director, BUMC IT Application Services  dorney@bu.edu  Technical contact: Peter Flynn II  Senior Application Developer, BUMC IT Application Services; ORCID technical lead  pflynn@bu.edu  Marco Basta  Senior Application Developer, BUMC IT Application Services  bastam@bu.edu  Karim Kabbara  Senior Application Developer, BUMC IT Application Services  kkabbara@bu.edu  Jim Vlachos  Application & Web Specialist, BUMC IT Application Services  jvlachos@bu.edu