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ORCID identifiers in research workflows - PLOS (V. Kiermer)


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Panel presentation at the 2016 ORCID Toronto Workshop (17 May 2016)

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ORCID identifiers in research workflows - PLOS (V. Kiermer)

  1. 1. Veronique Kiermer, Executive Editor, PLOS Board Member, ORCID ORCID Outreach Meeting | Toronto May 2016 ORCID in Publishers workflows
  2. 2. As persistent identifiers for contributors to the research process, ORCID forms the basis of precise and durable mechanisms of credit. Additional benefits – ORCID has the potential to: ü Disambiguate databases of users ü Simplify manuscript submission - author service ü Improve discoverability and search ü Connect authors to related contributions elsewhere, inter- operating with an ecosystem of identifiers ü Extend credit from authors to reviewers and editors
  3. 3. ORCID  Integration  ANDS  April  2015 3
  4. 4. ORCID Integration ANDS April 20154 Horizion2020
  5. 5. Credit for authors • Collection of ORCID iDs in submission system • Display of ORCID iDs in published articles • Syndicate ORCID iDs as part of metadata of the article to indexers • Auto-update author ORCID profile via CrossRef • Synergize with standard for contributions
  6. 6. ORCID collection: use ORCID API • In manuscript tracking system – upon submission or registration • Enables single sign on • Via ORCID button in correspondence
  7. 7. Auto-update With ORCID integration, Authors and their administrators no longer need to keep profiles updated manually
  8. 8. CRediT – Contributor Roles Taxonomy A simple taxonomy of research contributions developed under the auspices of CASRAI and NISO. - Includes but not limited to traditional authorship roles - Makes contributions machine-readable and portable Conceptualization | Methodology | Software |Validation |Formal Analysis |Investigation | Resources | Data curation | Writing (original draft) | Writing (reviews) |Visualization | Supervision | Project administration | Funding acquisition
  9. 9. Become portable to ORCID record, CV, faculty profile, etc
  10. 10. Credit for peer review
  11. 11. On January 7, 2016, a coalition of publishers sign an Open Letter committing to start requiring ORCID IDs in 2016. 1. Implementing best practices for ORCID collection and auto-update of ORCID records upon publication 2. Require ORCID IDs for corresponding authors and encourage for co-authors
  12. 12. Thanks for listening!