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Kaye odin dryad presentation 2


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John Kay presentation at the ORCID-Dryad Data Attribution meeting, #attrib13

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Kaye odin dryad presentation 2

  1. 1. ODIN –ORCID and DataCite Interoperability NetworkDRYAD Symposium on Research AttributionMay 2013John Kaye – British LibraryFunded by The European Union Seventh
  2. 2. Missing Thin Layer
  3. 3. Humanities andSocial Sciences (HSS)Image from National Survey for Health and Development
  4. 4. Humanities andSocial Sciences (HSS)
  5. 5. HSS Current Attribution
  6. 6. High Energy Physics (HEP)Current Inspire interface
  7. 7. High Energy Physics (HEP)Current Inspire interface Disambiguation processamong thousands of authors: Names and affiliations Different ways to write thesame information Clustering algorithm
  8. 8. ODIN Next Steps• Reports available in Summer 2013• 1st Year Event and Codesprint @ CERN 15th- 17thOctober 2013• - Feedback welcome!• Input into our strategy talk to/email Sunje Dallmeier-Tiessen