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Convey ORCID Integration Presentation (Heather Pierce)


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Presented by Heather Pierce at ORCID's October 2016 Outreach Meeting.

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Convey ORCID Integration Presentation (Heather Pierce)

  1. 1. Convey A Global Financial Interest Disclosure System
  2. 2. Convey: The Goal • To provide individuals with a web-based repository to enter and maintain records of financial interests and allow them to disclose directly to any organization. • To build a streamlined, standardized system that sets and adopts national standards but allows organizations to tailor the disclosure process to get the information they need The Creation of Convey • Based on IOM recommendation and convened working group • Built on consensus data standards through MedBiquitous® • Developed by the AAMC with the input of dozens of stakeholder organizations and individuals
  3. 3. Discloser Homepage
  4. 4. Adding ORCID iD to a Disclosure in Convey A) Discloser Presented with option to create/connect ORCID iD B) ORCID Authentication Window C) ORCID iD populated in ‘Discloser Identifier’ field (editable)
  5. 5. Final Disclosure Document Presents Validated ORCID iD as the Discloser Identifier
  6. 6. Users can add ORCID iD to Personal Profile
  7. 7. Organizations can allow or require ORCID
  8. 8. Organizations can allow or require ORCID
  9. 9. Email for more information or a demonstration: or visit