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Applications of ORCID in Promoting Research Integrity & Other Advantages (McNutt)


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Presented by Marcia McNutt at ORCID's Outreach Meeting in Washington, DC.

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Applications of ORCID in Promoting Research Integrity & Other Advantages (McNutt)

  1. 1. MARCIA MCNUTT PRESIDENT Applications of ORCID in Promoting Research Integrity and Other Advantages
  2. 2.  Am I getting recognized for all of the papers that I author?  If I marry and change my name?  If I am inconsistent in using initials, middle name, etc.?  If part of my name is inadvertently misspelled?  If I have a very common name?  If I don’t get all of the credit I am due for my publications, will this negatively impact my career? Challenges for Researchers
  3. 3.  Is this reviewer indeed who I think he is?  If the email address was provided by an author?  If the researcher’s name is common?  If the researcher has recently changed affiliation?  If I can’t ensure the identity of reviewers, how can I ensure the integrity of the evaluation process? Challenges for Editors
  4. 4.  How do we evaluate hiring, promotion and tenure cases?  Can a candidate possibly take credit for the work of another?  Are all of his/her citations appropriately credited? Too many credited?  Are letters from referees from the distinguished scholars we believe we solicited to comment on the case?  Is there a chance that the process is not secure and the data are unreliable? Challenges for Institutions
  5. 5.  Unique identifier for authors, reviewers, referees, researchers, applicants…  Would function in the academic world as an international SS# to provide a unique identity for researchers  Authors register with journals via their ORCIDs  Reviewers supply ORCIDS with reviews for ID verification  Current email addresses linked via ORCID to prevent scams ORCID as a solution…
  6. 6.  Will need to keep ORCIDs secure  Will need to protect against “identity theft”  Use may expand beyond just the publishing world Like Social Security Numbers….