5. integration orcid outreach_20121016


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5. integration orcid outreach_20121016

  1. 1. LAUNCH PARTNER INTEGRATIONORCID Outreach meeting16 October, 2012 Laurel L. Haak, PhD Executive Director, ORCID l.haak@orcid.org http://orcid.org @ORCID_Org
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  6. 6. ORCID Integration in HindawiManuscript Tracking System
  7. 7. A user can link his/her account on Hindawi Manuscript Tracking System to his/her ORCID ID.
  8. 8. Link Account to ORCID 1- The user accesses his/her update account page and clicks the ORCID link.
  9. 9. Link Account to ORCID 2. The user signs in or signs up on ORCID
  10. 10. Link Account to ORCID 3. The user authorizes Hindawi MTS client app to access his/her data.
  11. 11. Link Account to ORCID 4. The user will be redirected back to update account page with his/her ORCID ID record being displayed.
  12. 12. Future Use casesWhen an author publishes an articles with Hindawi his/herlist of publications on ORCID will be updated with thenew article.Adding a Link pointing to the author public profile onORCID, on our author pages.While submitting a paper an author will be able to searchfor his co-authors on ORCID.
  13. 13. Scopus to ORCIDImport details and publication list from your Scopus Author Identifier profile Gillian Griffiths, Berlin, 17 October 2012 g.griffiths@elsevier.com
  14. 14. Get started quickly on ORCIDScopus to ORCID helps you quickly set up your ORCID profile by importing profile details and your publication list from Elsevier’s Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer- reviewed literature.The wizard helps you to find your correct author profile(s) in Scopus and confirm the list of publications before it is sent to ORCID. Any changes you make here are also submitted as corrections to Scopus.The service is free to all whether or not your organisation has a Scopus subscription.
  15. 15. NPG ORCIDIntegration Howard Ratner CTO, Executive VP Nature Publishing Group
  16. 16. Registration and ProfileOn nature.com and in NPG eJournal Press manuscript submission system users can create or link an ORCID. Identical wording and workflow 20
  17. 17. Registration and my accountinformation text 21
  18. 18. Create/link from My Account too! 22
  19. 19. Create/link takes user to ORCID 23
  20. 20. 1. Register on ORCID2. Authorize data use 24
  21. 21. After authorization ORCID isattached in NPG database and noteditable by user Similar both on My Account (shown) and registration 25
  22. 22. Manuscript submissionCorresponding Author Corresponding author can create/link an ORCID via NPG eJournal Press MTS system 26
  23. 23. Manuscript submissionCo-Authors Corresponding author can search for co-authors using ORCID to pre-populate form (coming soon) 27
  24. 24. Coming Soon from NPG•  Integrating ORCID Call-back API" –  ORCID profile updates alert NPG as trusted partner"•  Completion of the “Virtuous Circle”" 1.  NPG ingests ORCIDs" 2.  NPG deposits ORCID:DOI pairs to CrossRef" 3.  CrossRef makes ORCID:DOI pairs available to ORCID" 4.  ORCID alerts trusted partners about updated profile" 28