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Events 26 1285766978

  2. 2. Communities and RegenerationThis is going to affect everything 2
  3. 3. DIRECTION OF TRAVEL - less funding and more freedom and flexibilityCoalition Government policies – some generalisations• Out large rigid spending programmes Picture box and controlling public bodies• In local tax freedoms, social enterprise, release of public land, selective, competitive public funding, better vfm• Out National Government direction• In local leadership and innovation• Out Government imposed targets• In Market incentives, deregulation, liberalisation, local choiceeg. Tax Increment Financing/ Business rate retention, Community Infrastructure Levy 3
  4. 4. Communities and regeneration - a new angle on funding• Heritage benefitted from growth and played akey part in it – funding for projects as part ofurban expansion and renewal•Places with strong heritage assets have beengood at attracting growth eg market towns•Restoration of town centres has helped topersuade communities of the funding benefitsof growth•However development cash is scarce andGovernment funding is no longer earmarked•New public funding will be – competitive,selective/leveraged and portfolio based 4
  5. 5. Funding freedoms and incentivesFunding support is now flexible and based on local choiceExamples include New Homes Bonus and Affordable Rent which encourages multi-area and portfolio approachesLocal Government Resource ReviewLocal Business Rates retention – an incentive to support business growthTax Increment Financing – a potential tool for forward-funding infrastructure to support growthCommunity Infrastructure LevyA more transparent and efficient way of capturing developer contributions. Newark and Shropshire – other front runners.Intended to give LAs greater flexibility and ensure communities feel the 5 benefits
  6. 6. Growing Places FundUpfront investment in infrastructure is challenging. Community Infrastructure and Growth Funds demonstrate good vfmChief Secretary announced a £500m Growing Places Fund (18.09.11) to help unlock housing and economic developmentMinisters want to put local areas in the driving seat: o Local partners to identify investment priorities (LA accountable body) o Flexibility to define geographical scale and mechanism o Opportunity to create a “revolving fund”Final scheme details published around Autumn Budget Statement (29 November)Focused discussion with local partners in October 6
  7. 7. COMMUNITIES AND REGENERATION - release of public land assetsPotential of public land Large scale releases by MoD and DH Challenging – limited market and opportunity eg for historic buildings But some new approaches eg gifting to a voluntary or community body which then needs to borrow Or more conventional development but with deferred receipts – build now, pay later 7
  8. 8. Communities and Regeneration - widening the engagement• Interest in design and heritage are assets in the new world of localism - Successful engagement will be critical to success• Localism Bill creates new opportunities around Neighbourhood Plans, Community R right to acquire, Community right to build and requirements for consultation on major schemes• But the need is to widen engagement beyond traditional areas – not just evening meetings but micro sites, street polls and exhibitions• Engaging people through the visuals• Will also help with funding applications (where still accessible) 8
  9. 9. Communities and Regeneration - change and new models• CABE was a funded public body able to provide free enabling support to Las and funded design review• CABE closed at end March 2011; Design Council CABE is now an independent charity with transitional funding from Government on design to 2012/3) to help find new business models• Bishop Review to look at new options• - reporting shortly• Funding from development process including planning fees?• Doing more pro-bono and using local networks and more web based help?• Raising funds more widely – who cares about design and heritage – what really matters to us? 9
  10. 10. Communities and regeneration - new techniques• BBC Restoration showed some of the potential to engage• Challenges are increasing – Simon Thurley on heritage at risk in a weak development market• Time to think of new options – local taxes eg tourist tax?• Voluntary levy on historic home entrance?• Help for those who help themselves – Government‘s role is to enable, remove barriers and help stimulate local initiative – eg general power of competence for LAs 10