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120503 impact final

  1. 1. ImpacT News for OPSEU members at MPAC from your leadership team Volume 12, Issue 1 • May 3, 2012Securityupgradesat Milner:Up to the task? The installation of a seven-foot high,completely enclosed security turnstile at theMilner office is leaving many memberswondering whether the employer has takenit far enough. Following an incident at the office,management there has spent countlessthousands of dollars installing the barrier,which rivals the security entrances of mostbank vaults. All of this was done withoutever consulting the members in theworkplace. But…are they really certain this isadequate? Sure, this is a non-public access building.Clients never visit there. In fact, the addressof this building doesn’t even appear on anyof MPAC’s public listings. Virtually the onlypeople who know that Milner exists are theemployees working there. But you can never be too careful. Rumour has it that additional entrancesecurity will soon be put in place, and wehave obtained a photo for proposedentrance reconstruction. We think it compliments the newambiance nicely. ImpacT • May 3, 2012 • Page 1
  2. 2. Soon we’ll be rolling back assessments! Synergism!! thoughts on the vests. Go to http:// It’s the new mantra at MPAC, and www.surveymonkey.com/s/BV6FM72 andmanagement’s “Synergism Sessions” tell us how you feel.promise to lead us in bold, innovating On a final note, there is another definitiondirections never contemplated before. We of “synergy” that may better explain the vestare all virtually tingling at what this could project – “The cooperative action of two orproduce for us. more stimuli or drugs.” But we digress. Synergism is based on the word“synergy,” which means “the interaction ofelements that when combined produce atotal effect that is greater than the sum ofthe individual elements, contributions, etc.”This is heady stuff! So imagine our delight at one of the firstcreations from the synergism sessions: theMPAC Vest!! This 100-day pilot project at four officeswill drape a blue, one-size-fits-all smockover top of assessors, to make them “morevisible” in the community. Complete withphoto and “MPAC” lettering, our fearlessassessors will spend additional time withclients, mostly trying to convince them theydon’t work for Wal-Mart. We plan to suggest to the employer that,to generate additional revenue, they couldperhaps sell advertising on the vests tomake them even snazzier. Heck – it worksfor NASCAR. Since MPAC is so big on doing surveys,we are doing our own survey to get your‘Jeans Day’ continues for charity As part of MPAC’s United Way their proceeds to “Design Points North”, acampaign, staff are allowed to wear jeans charity assisting the native community inon Fridays and donate money for the Attawapiskat in Northern Ontario. OPSEUprivilege. MPAC has allowed this initiative to Head Office also supports this charity.continue throughout the year, and each For more information, contact Tinaoffice can choose a charity to donate the Faibish at the Yonge St. office.money to. If you are looking for a worthy charity,Local 552 at 5255 Yonge Street is donating ImpacT • May 3, 2012 • Page 2
  3. 3. Verifying an “urban legend”? Stories are circulating that the vest to the vests to prevent any re-occurrencesproject is the result of an unfortunate (or just plain occurrences) of this event.incident that took place somewhere, atsome time. Apparently an assessor from some office,somewhere, was knocking on a door toconduct an assessment when he (or she)was tackled from behind by police whowere in the middle of a drug sting operation.The situation was only resolved when theassessor (who will be eventually nominatedfor this year’s “Bad Timing Award”)identified themself as a humble publicservice worker and not a member of a localcartel. Hence, the need for the vests. We are continuing to investigate when,where and with who this situation occurred.So far, we haven’t had much luck. But in themeantime, we are suggesting a modification Stay in touch! To ensure a speedy response to your questions, your leadership team has divided up all MPAC offices in the province. If you have a question or a comment, please contact the team member responsible for your office. Contact us by e-mail at work or at home, as follows: David Lynch, Chair: Bracebridge, London, David Fong: North Bay, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Mississauga, Ottawa, Barrie, Brockville, Cornwall, Timmins, Thunder Bay, Kenora, Fort Francis & Pembroke, Trenton, Bancroft & Kingston Dryden E-mail: opseu409@yahoo.ca; david.lynch@mpac.ca E-mail: visor243@nt.net; david.fong@mpac.ca Peter McClenaghan, Vice Chair: St. Catharines, Steve Kovacs: Milner (CCC, CPF, LPU), Owen Goderich, Chatham, Sarnia, Windsor, Kitchener & Sound, Hamilton & Parry Sound Brantford E-Mail: stevekovie@hotmail.com; E-mail: pmcclenaghan2020@yahoo.com ; steve.kovacs@mpac.ca peter.mcclenaghan@mpac.ca Everett Kelly: Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Mirla Alvarado-Fenn, OPSEU Staff Negotiator Toronto & Peterborough E-mail: malvarado@opseu.org E-mail: evkelly@rogers.com; everett.kelly@mpac.ca OPSEU ImpacT is produced by the Property Assessment Division of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union and authorized for distribution by Warren (Smokey) Thomas, president. Ontario Public Service Employees Union 100 Lesmill Road, Toronto, Ontario M3B 3P8 www.opseu.org ImpacT • May 3, 2012 • Page 3