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The Return of QTIP, from Brahmaputra to Danube


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Yujun Zhang, ZTE Corporation, Julien Zhang, ZTE Corporation

QTIP project was suspended due to the changes in project team after Brahmaputra. Now it has returned to the community in Danube. Here is the story behind it.

- transfer from original team

- achievements in Danube

- intern projects

- vision for future

Published in: Software
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The Return of QTIP, from Brahmaputra to Danube

  1. 1. The Return of QTIP From Brahmaputra to Danube Yujun Zhang, ZTE Corporation Julien Zhang, ZTE Corporation
  2. 2. A Tweet from OpenStack Telemetry PTL
  3. 3. Contents Story of a community project - QTIP • Start • Pause • Resume • Continuing
  4. 4. Brahmaputra Colorado Danube GAP PERIODApproved Arno
  5. 5. 2015-1-27
  6. 6. QTIP - Platform Performance Benchmarking targets on establishment General characterization of an OPNFV platform. General performance common to the platform itself Or applicable to multiple OPNFV use cases. Provide the capability to quantify a platform's performance behavior Standardized, rigorous, open way, well-documented methodology
  7. 7. Inactive for 3 months
  8. 8. Story of first commit Interested in using community tool for testing Issues encountered Submit patched to resolve Wait a long time to review
  9. 9. First contact from original core “Are you interested to take over QTIP project?”
  10. 10. Rare experience in OPNFV
  11. 11. Take it over Recommend a new PTL and continue
  12. 12. PTL nomination
  13. 13. The long voting... 5 votes out of 10 committers required Many of them are no longer reachable … It lasts more than one month in the end
  14. 14. QTIP future discussed with original cores
  15. 15. Finally approved
  16. 16. Improved committer removal policy At times it may be that a committer is not able to continue his work for a project and the project leader is not able to get in contact with the committer any more, e.g. to get his consent to retire from the committer role. In this case the PTL may notify the TSC that the inactive committer is being removed from the project. The PTL then must demonstrate: ...
  17. 17. Reactivate the core team
  18. 18. Scope collisions Overlap in test cases although serving different purpose
  19. 19. Reshape the project scope Stick on the original purpose - Platform Performance Benchmarking Focus more on performance indicator rather than testing itself A broader vision to build Benchmarking as a Service for community
  20. 20. Happy ending of the transition Successfully released in Danube Top 3 active measured by commits 2 internship projects Participated in inter-op testing on plugfest
  21. 21. Lessons learned Communicate with original team Understand the original purpose Pivot in case the world changes Refactor bravely when necessary
  22. 22. Brahmaputra Colorado Danube Euphrates PLUGFEST GAP PERIODApproved Arno
  23. 23. Questions?