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OPNFV and OCP: Perfect Together


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Juha Kosonen, Nokia, Mika Rautakumpu, Nokia

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is a collaborative community focused on redesigning hardware technology to efficiently support the growing demands on compute infrastructure. The designs have been optimized to lower cost of infrastructure and operations e.g. by removing non-essential components, disaggregating rack level solution with common resources, and simplifying server serviceability.

OpenStack provides the foundation for the NFVI and MANO components within OPNFV. OPNFV releases Colorado and recent Danube have been successfully integrated to OCP hardware and running smoothly. Also hardware acceleration is supported. The concept itself has gained a lot of interest from mobile operators, some of them are running OPNFV on top of OCP hardware in their test laboratories too.

This presentation will introduce how OpenStack, OCP and OPNFV open source projects fits perfectly together.

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OPNFV and OCP: Perfect Together

  1. 1. OPNFV and OCP – Perfect Together Juha Kosonen SW Architect | Mobile Networks Architecture & Technology, Nokia Mika Rautakumpu SW Architect | Mobile Networks Architecture & Technology, Nokia
  2. 2. Agenda – OCP • What is OCP • OCP operational efficiency – OPNFV and Nokia AirFrame • Plugfest Colorado • Storage Nodes (JBOD) • 25Gb/s NICs – Summary
  3. 3. OpenComputeProject (OCP) - What is OCP
  4. 4. Open Compute for hyperscale efficiency Facebook started Open Compute Project (OCP) in 2011 to share and foster innovation for most energy efficient and economical datacenters Today, many of world’s biggest cloud/Internet companies are participating: Microsoft, LinkedIn, Apple, Bank of America… OCP has brought up blueprints for compute, storage and networking that are derived directly from hyper-scale innovations “Thanks to OCP and related efficiency work, Facebook is announcing that it has saved more than $2 billion in infrastructure costs over the course since 2011.” Facebook, March 2015 Industry-wide initiative to share datacenter specifications and best practices
  5. 5. OCP Platinum Members Industry-wide initiative
  6. 6. Why OCP hardware • OCP is designed to lower cost of infrastructure - Vanity free design without any unnecessary components - Disaggregated rack level solution with common resources (e.g. power and storage) - Lower weight by removing unnecessary materials • OCP is designed to lower cost of operations - Tool-less serviceability of hardware - Maintenance operations from the front enable strict hot aisle containment - Efficient cooling and higher operation temperature enabling low PUE (<1.1)  Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  7. 7. Open Hardware – OCP OCP delivers industry leading density per rack and enables lean operations Improves floor Space Cool aisle Hot aisle 25K servers /One operative No special tools required Simpler hardware tasks, 4x faster to perform than on traditional servers OCP Data Centers perform with high efficiency Low PUE helps reduce OPEX and emissions OCP Data Center consumes 35% less energy than a traditional Data Center Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) measures how efficiently a Data Center uses energy Overall reduction in number of racks required compared to traditional rack mount 50% improved density in OCP compared to rack mount: Access only required from cool aisle High Rack Efficiency
  8. 8. Nokia AirFrame building blocks Power shelf • 6PSU’s, 12,5 kW load capacity • Input dual 3P 208/230 VAC 50/60 Hz • Output 12,5 VDC busbar Compute shelf • 2OU (96mm) shelf with three bays for compute • Open Rack V1 and V2 compatible Rack • 42 OU / 21” rack (external width 600mm, similar to 19” rack) • Open Rack v2 specification • Two power zones with own power shelves • 12,5 VDC busbar for power distribution
  9. 9. Server nodes • Dual-socket 2 OU and 1/3 shelf server node • Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 Broadwell, up to 145W SKUs • 16x DDR4 RDIMM modules • OCP mezzanine slot for dual- port 1/10/25G NIC • 2 PCIe, x8 and x16 • 1x3,5” or 6x2,5” storage Storage nodes • 2 OU and full width unit • JBOD supporting up to 30 hot swappable 3,5” HDD drives • Fully redundant Switches • AirFrame maintenance switch (48+4 port 1RU management switch) • AirFrame 10/25/40/50/100GbE 1RU high-density switch (32x100G / 32x40G / 128x10/25G ports) Nokia AirFrame building blocks
  10. 10. Nokia AirFrame includes several enhancements for telco’s EMI shielding • Electric magnetic shielding is mandatory CE/FCC telco requirement Seismic tolerance • Open Rack v2 with single and dual rack seismic tolerance -48VDC power • Enables telco’s to utilize existing -48VDC power feed
  11. 11. OPNFV and Nokia AirFrame
  12. 12. 12/2016 OPNFV Colorado Plugfest
  13. 13. 12/2016 OPNFV Colorado Plugfest Nokia AirFrame servers (OCP-based hardware) – 6 x AirFrame Nodes (3 control, 2 compute and one jump host) – 1 x AirFrame switch Z9100ON, 32x 100GbE – 1 x AirFrame switch S3048ON, 48x 1GbE – 1 x AirFrame PSU for power shelf – 1 x 20U rack
  14. 14. OPNFV and Nokia AirFrame with Storage Nodes (JBOD)
  15. 15. OPNFV and Nokia AirFrame with 25Gb/s NICs
  16. 16. Use the standard fuel CLI to install the just copied Mellanox plug-in: # cd /tmp # fuel plugins –-install mellanox-plugin-3.x-x.x.x-x.noarch.rpm
  17. 17. Bootstrap image building The default Ubuntu bootstrap image was missing one package libnl1, which was required by the Mellanox plug-in. We needed to edit one YAML file and make two changes to it, before we tried to re- create the updated Ubuntu bootstrap image. # vi /etc/fuel-bootstrap- cli/fuel_bootstrap_cli.yaml create_mellanox_bootstrap --link_type eth --max_num_vfs 16
  18. 18. After the bootstrap creation program has completed, check that a new bootstrap has been made and is now active, using the fuel-bootstrap CLI: # fuel-bootstrap list
  19. 19. Summary
  20. 20. 9 March, 2017 ” Nokia has worked with AT&T to dimension and deliver an initial mixed rack of compute and storage to the AT&T Foundry innovation center, in Plano TX. This platform is slated to support AT&T solution development, and OPNFV evaluation. Nokia’s product portfolio closely aligns with the Facebook released OpenRackv2 specifications.” AirFrame includes the necessary hardware, software and services that can adapt to any cloud-based application The acceleration of telco and IT convergence and the need to support a diverse range of demanding applications requires an innovative solution that takes all the benefits from the IT and open source domains to create a scalable and distributed cloud-based architecture. Nokia and AT&T evaluate AirFrame technology together
  21. 21. Nokia AirFrame can be found from Nokia Booth
  22. 22. Thank You!