MoHealthWINs TAACCCT Round 2 Kick-Off Presentation


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  • Our team was thrilled at the prospect of working with the OLI and CAST teams. Initially, as an administrator, I had some real concerns about the significant time commitment. But we worked that out
  • We definitely hit some bumps the first month or so, but…
  • Though very time-consuming, we feel this opportunity is a gift, with positive cascading effects. We’ll build capacity not only in our Consortium project team but also at an institutional level, as we plan to share what we’ve learned with our faculty. And, of course, students are the beneficiaries
  • Cannot underestimate the importance of faculty and SME engagement, as active participants and advocates for change
  • Detailed look at the heart of the collaborationBrief discussion of each partner’s roles
  • ‘Open’ AudienceChallenge – Addressing an “open” student audience with various reading levels. One of OLI’s solution – providing roll-over definitions for added support
  • FORMATTING PAGES‘Open Source’ may be shared with academic and workplace users. Page must meet ‘format’ standards. Restrictions and Constraints must be addressed during authoring. AuthorOpen Source’ Course‘Formatted’ PagesLearned ProcessTime ConsumingTechnicalLeft Brain effortConstraints must learn ‘How To’ . Formatting is time consuming,technical,left brain while authoring is right brain
  • Kim discuss…
  • Collaboration improves Student’s learning experienceStudent benefits from the collaboration because each participants bring a different perspective, focus, expertise and skill to the process. This is an example of the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.Reconciling collaborators input
  • MoHealthWINs TAACCCT Round 2 Kick-Off Presentation

    1. 1. June 2013 CAHIMS Certification Course Open Professionals Education Network Brooke MacKenzie- Bellevue Dianne Lee- MoHealthWINS Gary Lockhart- MoHealthWINS Janet Kraus- MoHealthWINS Kim Larson- OLI Margaret Murphy- Bellevue Sam Johnston - CAST
    2. 2. Core Development Team
    3. 3. Health e-Workforce Consortium  Elevate health it workforce development  Train, support & assist 2,000 + veterans & others into HIT employment
    4. 4. EMR-STAR
    5. 5. • 3,200+ Missourians • MCCA • 13 Colleges • Four Pathways • Therapeutic • Diagnostic • Informatics • Environmental Support Missouri Healthcare Workforce Innovation Networks Innovative Approaches for Adult Learners Transformative and Systemic Change
    6. 6. Photo: YMCA NY
    7. 7. Photo by Eric Kilby
    8. 8. Photo by David Train
    9. 9. Photo by Flood
    10. 10. But I’m Comfortable in my Silo Photo by Dale Mahalko
    11. 11. Engage Faculty and SME Champions Early Photo David Vignoni
    12. 12. 1 4
    13. 13. How CAST contributes
    14. 14. The Course Design Triangle Source: Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence Carnegie Mellon Instructional Activities (low stakes assessments) Objectives Assessments (High stakes) Tasks that provide feedback on students’ knowledge and skills Descriptions of what students should be able to do at the end of the course Contexts and activities that foster students’ active engagement in learning How OLI contributes
    15. 15. Data Collection & Feedback Loops for Continuous Improvement
    16. 16. Challenge: Addressing various reading levels
    17. 17. Challenge: Addressing Formatting Requirements
    18. 18. Challenge: Feedback from multiple perspectives
    19. 19. Multiple authors can equal a fractured experience for students. However, coordination, cooperation, oversight and rework create the desired continuity and optimal student experience. Creating Seamless experience for Students
    20. 20. Collaboration results – Better Student Learning Students benefit • Different Perspectives • Different Focus • Different Expertise • Different Skills