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Opal case study 55 interactic portugal


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Opal case study 55 interactic portugal

  1. 1. Template Sections for completion: Case Study Title: Interactic Case Study Country: Portugal Type of organisation described by the case study, address of organisation, hyperlink to organisation, hyperlink to case study source Case Study Contributed by: UCP Sections 1 1. Mandatory - A brief summary of the institution to be used as a case study About 500 words please on a description of the institution, its OER history and approach. INTERACTIC is a community of 1700 teachers. This space is organised by interest groups where you share links, learning objects and reflects on practices. Major innovations of INTERACTIC are: • Community that has more teachers in Portugal. • Community socializing with simplicity teachers with the application of technology in the classroom. • Identifying and sharing educational resources. The central goal of INTERACTIC is the dissemination of technologies in education through sharing of experiences and identification of repositories of content and the sharing of individual initiatives. It is organised into 29 groups of interest. The portal offers the following options: • Identification of content such as blogs, videos, lectures and presentations, collections of questions etc. • Dissemination of international events • Communication with members of respective groups • Channel of distribution and promotion for teaching material • Collaborative environment for projects in content-development