Op al case study 09 oer4 schools project cambridge uk


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Op al case study 09 oer4 schools project cambridge uk

  1. 1. Template Sections for completion: Case Study Title: OER4Schools Project – Cambridge University Case Study Country: UK Type of organisation described by the case study, address of organisation, hyperlink to organisation, hyperlink to case study source: HE http://www.educ.cam.ac.uk/centres/cce/projects/ictzambia/ http://oer.aptivate.org/wiki/OER4Schools Sections 1-10 1. Mandatory - A brief summary of the institution to be used as a case study About 500 words please on a description of the institution, its OER history and approach. This CCE-funded 'OER4Schools' pilot project (August 2009-May 2010) is currently underway and assesses the feasibility of providing Open Educational Resources (OER) to ICT- and Internet-equipped primary schools in Zambia, and of supporting interactive forms of subject pedagogy with the new resources. It also identifies the needs of school-based professional development adapted to the local context. The project is conducted in a North-South partnership between the CCE and institutions in Zambia. It uniquely combines stakeholders from various sectors (including educational research, ICT for development [NGOs], government, and the ICT service sector) as a basis for developing methodologies that promise lasting transformation in Zambian primary education. While the project is conducted in Zambia, it is anticipated to be relevant to a wide range of countries in sub- Saharan Africa. Key outputs include models for OER-Pedagogy-ICT adoption in poorly resourced educational systems, and guidance on implementing better learning environments. A primary aim of the present project is to conduct the necessary research to build a further proposal for external funding over a longer period. We are working with teachers in 3 schools, developing, supporting and trialling uses of OERs combined with new pedagogical approaches for teaching mathematics. (Original text from website). 2. Quality – OER/OEP How does the institution approach quality in OER? Is there any current indication of a quality concept or process? Does the institution perceive quality from the perspective of the quality of open educational resources or the quality of open educational practice? How does the institution show
  2. 2. quality through OEP versus quality of OEP? What methods, concepts and practices are used to enhance the quality of OEP? 3. Innovation How can OER/OEP innovate educational practices? What current innovative practices are there in the institution? Please do not regard innovation from just a technology perspective! This is a research-based project that aims to understand the impact of ICT on teaching and learning in Zambian schools. UK academics are working to identify characteristics that will help them re-shape the programme for a bigger funding application. Findings will be presented at E-learning Africa Conference, May 2010 4. Policy What are the current OER/OEP policy arrangements at institutional and national level across Europe/the World? At the moment the project is a joint venture of Zambian and UK institutions. There’s no clear mention of how the project will affect Zambian policy in the project website. 5. Actors What actors are involved in OER/OEP? Is there any evidence to show that OER actors do not always promote OEP but “only” access to OER? • Researchers • Zambian teachers • Students 6. Initiatives What OER/OEP initiatives can be evidenced? Is there any evidence to show that OER initiatives do not always promote OEP but “only” access to OER? No information for analysis. 7. Open Educational Practices Can you identify some case studies/ descriptions which form the illustrative base for a more general model of OEP? No information for analysis. 8. Tools and Repositories What tools and repositories are being used to deliver OER/OEP? For example GLOW, Connexions No information for analysis in the project website. 9. Strategies Can you identify any strategies for organisations to use OER/OEP? Can you identify any business models that promote OER/OEP? No information for analysis.
  3. 3. 10. Current barriers and enablers What are the barriers to the use of OER/OEP? Is there any evidence to how these barriers have been overcome? What are the enablers to the use of OER/ OEP? No information for analysis