Oneia eid&ct conference 2013, May 16, 2013


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Oneia eid&ct conference 2013, May 16, 2013

  1. 1. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Welcomes you to the 2013 OntarioEnvironment and Cleantech Business andPolicy ForumMay 16, 2013
  2. 2. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  ONEIA: The business of the environment inOntario since 1991.Connecting Ontario environment andcleantech companies with government andhelping them do business with each other.
  3. 3. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  A reminder …
  4. 4. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Thanks to our major sponsors …•  Newalta•  KPMG•  Ontario TireStewardship•  Progressive WasteSolutions•  Biorem•  Ecometrix•  Fielding ChemicalTechnologies•  Maxxam Analytics•  Monteco•  Newterra•  RWDI•  XCG•  Veolia Water
  5. 5. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  A review of the day …
  6. 6. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  What’s the wireless password?Network = OBA MemberPassword = 14414842
  7. 7. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Want us to mention your firm on our Twitterpostings? No problem!If you are tweeting, feel free to reference @ONEIAnetworkand the hashtag “#ONCleantech” to reach as many of ourmembers as possible.
  8. 8. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Thanks to our breakfast sponsor:
  9. 9. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Monte Kwinter, MPPParliamentary Assistant to the Minister of EconomicDevelopment, Trade and Employment and Chair of theOntario Investment and Trade Advisory Council
  10. 10. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  The 20-yr market: Where are the biggestenvironment and cleantech opportunities in the nexttwo decades?Moderated by Anton Davies, Chair, RWDI•  Brian Mergelas, CEO of the Water TechnologyAcceleration Project•  David Teichroeb, Manager of Business Development,Alternative & Emerging Technology, Enbridge•  Peter Gallant, VP Business Development & RegulatoryAffairs, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies
  11. 11. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Networking coffee break …Brought to you by
  12. 12. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Thanks to our panel sponsor
  13. 13. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  What do environment and cleantech firms need totake advantage of market opportunities?Moderated by Jasjit Kaur Maggu, BDC Venture Capital•  Georges Arbache, Vice-President, Global InfrastructureAdvisory, KPMG•  Michael Kousaie, Head of Business Development,Cleantech and Technology, TMX•  Michael Castellarin, Managing Director, Clairvest•  Jon Hantho, CEO, Maxxam Analytics
  14. 14. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Luncheon and networkingBrought to you by
  15. 15. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Thanks to our luncheon sponsor
  16. 16. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  A “Fireside Chat” with the DeputiesGail Beggs, Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry ofEnvironmentGeorge Ross, Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry ofNorthern Development and MinesModerated by Matthew Mendelsohn, Director of the MowatCentre for Policy Innovation, University of Toronto
  17. 17. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Our roundtable schedule1:30 to 3:00 PM: First round of roundtables(Water, Waste, Brownfields, Approvals)3:00 – 3:30: Networking coffee break3:30-5:00 PM: Second round of roundtables(Water, Waste, Brownfields, Approvals)
  18. 18. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  A reminder about the “Chatham Houserule”:“When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under theChatham House Rule, participants are free to use theinformation received, but neither the identity nor theaffiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any otherparticipant, may be revealed.”Please – no e-mailing, tweeting or electronic online devices during theroundtables …
  19. 19. The  2013  Ontario  Environment  and  Cleantech  Business  and  Policy  Forum  Investment.    Policy.    Growth.  Welcomes you to the 2013 OntarioEnvironment and Cleantech Business andPolicy ForumMay 16, 2013