ONEIA FCM Presentation


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ONEIA FCM Presentation

  1. 1. Financing green projects in your community: FCM’s Green Municipal fund
  2. 2. Overview• Funding opportunities for your community• Why is GMF so successful?• Working together to ensure a successful project application
  3. 3. Funding opportunities for your communitySustainable Community Activities GMF Funding Streams Grants to develop sustainable Plans community plans Grants to conduct feasibility studies Studies and field tests Loans, usually in combination with Capital projects grants, to implement capital projects
  4. 4. Why is GMF so successful?• Lowest interest rate in Canada• Loan maximum of $10 million• Grant amount set at 20% of loan (maximum $1 million)• No grant penalties
  5. 5. Working together to ensure a successfulapplication• GMF’s advisors connect you to the network of “green experts” in Canada and work with you in crafting your project concept• Conference calls during the pre-application phase make sure we are “all on the same page”• Site visits to work with your staff and council, if needed• A dedicated Application Officer works with you throughout the application process
  6. 6. Conclusion•Funding opportunities for your community•Why is GMF so successful?•Working together to ensure a successfulproject application I would be happy to take any questions?
  7. 7. Contact