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Training requirements for Operation Noah's Ark


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Training requirements for Operation Noah's Ark

  1. 1. Operation Noah’s Ark OrganizationTo: All Board Members of Operation Noah’s ArkFrom: Jason Campbell, MS, MoCEM- Vice-President of Planning and LogisticsSubject: Training RequirementsDate: March 10, 2012Respected Board Members, As Laura has stated numerous times to several in our organization, and myself, it has becomeclear that we will most certainly be taking a response posture during disasters. Therefore, as aemergency management professional and your vice-president, it falls to ensure that our staff have thequalifications and certifications necessary to effectively perform our duties, perform these duties safely,and limit the liability of our organization. As such, Operation Noah’s Ark will begin requiring that staffthat may/will be actively participating in disasters to obtain/maintain training certifications within thearea of disaster response. As ONA is still working on gaining funding and stability on the economic end of things, we willstart with training that is online based and free of charge to participate (if you would like college creditfor these courses, it is available for a fee-details available upon request). For a start, we will berequesting that the below coursework be completed no later than May 1, 2012 and a copy of thecertificates that you receive (via email) are emailed to me, Laura, and Bobby Myles for recording in ourdatabase:  IS 100.b - Introduction to the Incident Command System  IS 200.b- ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents  IS 700.a – National Incident Management System (NIMS): An Introduction  IS 800.b – National Response Framework : An IntroductionAll of these courses are available (free of charge) at If anyone has any questions or need assistance finishing these courses, please email me and Iwill help as best as I can (I have all these plus over 80+ more certifications in emergency management).Respectfully,Jason P. Campbell, MS, MoCEMJason Campbell, MS, MoCEMVP of Planning and LogisticsOperation Noah’s Ark