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Operation Noah's Ark gofundme.com

  1. 1. 1 OPERATION NOAH’S ARK ORGANIZATION ONA- USES THE GOFUNDME.COM FUNDRAISING TACTIC TO HOST ONLINE MEMORIAL & BURIAL DONATION PAGESOUR DONATING MEMBERS GET TAX BENEFITS AND THIS IS THE WAY TOYOUR MEMORIAL, BURIAL, and or Special TRIBUTE CHECKLIST AND TIPSIf you have created a fund at the Organization and would like to accept onlineDonations, ONA Can help you set up an online donation page on its Web site.We would like to share the following checklist that provides tips to ensure youronline donation page will attract visitors as well as donations.Checklist Fund description www.GOFUNDME.COM and www.Rainbows4ona,org
  2. 2. 2Provide an overview of your fund by briefly describing your fund’s history, purpose, andgoals (150words or less).Sample excerpt: Ventura County community and business leader Name of Loved OnePassed away of pancreatic cancer on March 1, 2004, at home. The Betty andDaniel Fund, named for his parents, honors their memory as well as his.This fund supports individuals involved with the Operation Noah’s Ark Organization andthe Heavens7Sounds Music Fund and also provides music scholarships to children whoare apart of the With Arms Wide Open Foundation.To view full fund descriptions, visit www.heavens7sounds.com.You are welcome to add more information at any time and we will work with you tocreate the most effective layout of the page. Examples of additional content include:Grantmaking updates (details such as number of people served or how organizationsyou supported helped people).Relevant newspaper clippings about your fund or organizations your fund supports. - For memorial funds, details about the person, such as causes close to them or a personal anecdote.Please note that the Organization will revise your submitted copy to ensure consistencyof style and formatting with Organizations standards and throughout the Web site. Use 1-2 Photographs or Tribute a Memorial VideoSubmit images to enhance the layout and catch visitors’ attention. You may indicatewhich image you would like us to use or ONA will select the best image for your page.You can send either original photos or preferably, digital images. Please include briefand descriptive captions with your photos. To ensure a superior image quality, werecommend the following attributes: - Original photo dimensions should be between 3”x5” to 8-1/2"x11" - Digital format: 300 dpi resolution in jpg file format Image file name ends with .jpgTo check an image file’s resolution, place cursor on file name or image, right click andselect Properties and then click on summaries and you should see the horizontal andvertical resolutions Linking External Sites to your ONA-hosted Donation Page (optional)If your fund has a separate Web site, you can link it to your ONA-hosted donation pageto allow visitors to make online contributions. You may also link your online donation
  3. 3. 3page to various external Web sites on related causes or to social networking sites suchas Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn. THE ONA-Tips and Internet Safety Social Networking Program 1. When writing your fund’s brief description, we recommend you Start with a bang: Place the most important information at the top.Be succinct: Say it simply so users will not have to scroll too much. Use the K.I.S.S perspective (Keep it simple sis) 2. We also recommend you keep your page fresh and updated by keeping us Posted on any changes to your fund’s mission and purpose. 3. Sending us new photos, will especially allow action shots to remember a lost loved one with people in them it allows a legacy to live on of the lost loved one. 4. Sending us grantmaking updates and information about your fund’s impact. We recommend you do this quarterly or annually depending on your fund’s activity. 5. ONA will be sending a newsletter or other periodic mailings concerning your fund. We will link www.heavens7sounds.com to either the following web pages or PDF versions we possess and own to optimize your success and allow other of your mailing to provide more visibility.Sending us copies of any publicity garnered in the press by providing a link to the article,a PDF copy or the original hard copy article. We also have the capability to uploadvideos if you got broadcast media coverage.If the cause that your fund supports has a separate Web site, you may update that siteand drive visitors to your online giving page.Organizations Administrative Services and FeesThe Operation Noah’s Ark Organization and Heavens7Sounds an online giving page for yourfunding needs as a service. ONA incurs a third-party administrative fee of 3.5% for credit cardcontributions that we consider part of our operating costs.The administrative fee will not reduce the amount contributed to your fund. For credit cardcontributions of $25,000 or more, ONA reserves the option to charge the fee directly to theindividual fund.Contributions to the Operation Noah’s Ark Organization represent irrevocable gifts subject to thelegal and fiduciary control of the Organizations board of directors.All your donors can receive benefits that are 100% Tax Deductible under the section 501(c) 3non-profit tax exempt status to receive this, you must register with this charitable organization toavoid any type of fraud. (Please note this you’re fund but these funds are a memorial fund that is going throughONA and you must be deposit your funds through this Organizations main bank accountfor record to receive any benefits to your donors who donate to your online fund. Andwithout this these benefits would not be available to you.
  4. 4. 4Then once we receive all the forms and death certification of the loved one we will release thefunds to the members on the family will or next of kin if there is not a will available theorganization must review your application to determine if this is in the means to using thisprogram.If the family is denied because of these reasons we still offer families the free on-line memorialand Tribute page and can engage in the free self help online bereavement center on (www.Rainbows4ona.org ) Contact: Laura Bacon Marketing Manager: (media@heavens7Sounds.com ) Operation Noah’s Ark Organization President Report any fraud to our agent in charge www.ic3.gov FBI OFFICIAL DOCUMENT OPERATION NOAH’S ARK Having Proud Sponsors Supporting Donors TO EVERY COMMUNITY Is our Business Today is it yours? 1700 E. Thompson Blvd. | Suite F-693| Ventura | CA | 93001 ph: 888-306-9679 | fax: 805-484-9017 | Web sites: www.Rainbows4ona.org www.heavens7sounds.com www.funeralresources.org www.onarc.org www.ona2001.org Operation Noah’s Ark Corporation © Copy Right 2012