Operation noah ark first quarter board meeting copy


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Operation noah ark first quarter board meeting copy

  1. 1. March 2, 2012OPERATION NOAH’S ARK ORGANIZATION 7:00pm -8:00 pm PST.FIRST QUARTER INTERNAL COMMAND BOARD MEETING On-line webinar EMAIL: ONA-COMMANDER(MANDATORY MEETING) WRITTEN NOTICE TO BOARD MEMBERS Laura BaconGuests are not deemed or disqualified from our mandatory meetings and (805)746-1684can cancel with no obligations. Cell PhoneMeeting called by: Incident Commander Type of meeting: First Quarter Board MeetingFacilitator: Laura Bacon Note taker: Bobby Myles Internal CommandTimekeeper: Secretary Incident Commander- Laura Bacon Jason Campbell ONA- VP- Internal Command Chief of Logistics Bobby Myles ONA- Secretary Ed Carmona ONA-VP- Media Relations Kelsey Lindstrom- ONA Director Media RelationsAttendees: Jim Malamas- ONA- Director of International Emergency Product Distributor (Import and Export) Carol Bacon ONA- Treasure ( Temporary placement) Don Mc Gunnial ONA- Director- IT, Web Designer, Social Networking Commander General John D. Butler- Emergency Response Chaplain’s Corps Admiral Andrew Mc Menimen – International NATO.Welcome Internal Command Board MembersPlease read: Articles of Incorporation and Company Bylaws before the meeting.Please bring: Computer and Information will be emailed to your current email addressAGENDA ITEMSTopic Presenter Time allotted Company overview By-laws and Articles of Incorporation review Laura Bacon 25 Min 15 Min Recognition and appointing members of the Internal Command Laura Bacon Logistics Overview Jason Campbell 20 Min Corporate Books are placed in Secretaries possession Bobby Myles 5 Min Media Relations- Press Releases Kelsey Lindstrom 5 Min Website and Social Networks Don McGunnial 5 Min Treasure Accounts Receivable Carol Bacon (Temp) 5 Min Emergency Response overview Jason Campbell 10 Min Meeting adjourned Laura Bacon 1minWE ALWAYS CLOSE WITH PRAYER FOR THE NATIONS
  2. 2. Operation Noah’s Ark OrganizationOTHER INFORMATIONSpecial Ed Carmona is our Vice President- International Media Relations he is on standby for any news ofGuest any catastrophic events that consists of Biological, Chemical, or any Natural Disasters that haveObservers: more than 200 deaths. Commander General John. D. Butler- is the founder of Emergency Response Chaplain’s Corps that is our Special Guest and overseer of Disaster Relief with the ONA-Commander. He is going to close our meeting with a prayer over this Organization prayer for Nations. Admerial Andrew McMenimen- President of ERCC and is our Special Guest and for our first meeting can freely overview and comment on this meeting.Resources: Need Internet access Commander will send you link to webinar 24 hrs. Before meeting you must be prompt and must check in 24 hrs before this meeting via phone or online chat. I want to hear you that you have this set up correctly and not 10 min before the meeting please.Special notes: IF YOU ARE AN APPOINTED INTERNAL COMMAND MEMBER ON THIS BOARD OF DIRECTORS THIS IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO ATTEND THIS MEETING YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED OFF AND FROM THIS BOARD.