Official Letter to any cemetery, nonprofit, needy family in need of closure


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Dear applicants and cemetery directors,

If there is a family that approaches your cemetery for assisted who are indigent or low income please accept this offer to them.

Thank you for your support!

In warm regards,

Laura Bacon
Founder and President

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Official Letter to any cemetery, nonprofit, needy family in need of closure

  1. 1. La u ra B ac o n P r es i d e n t 1700 E. Thompson Blvd Suite F-693 Ventura, CA 93001 Toll Free 1-(888)306-9679 Cell Phone (805)746-5017 Email: Laura.Bacon@heavens7sounds.comJuly 25, 2012[Recipient Name]Cemetery Director[Company Name][Street Address][Address 2][City, ST ZIP Code]Dear [Recipient Name]:[Name of Person Referring] suggested that I contact you regarding the burial of family member [job title] withunderstanding to the current situation we we’re contacted by the family .The Organization is a section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code as a not-for profit Organization and as the Organization wishes is what isbest for the situation for the low-income family as to aim in what we need is available to all involved in thisindividual family situation, and by to allow these family members the honor dignity and respect while in themourning process. 1 Heavens7Sounds TM © Copy Right 2012 All Rights Reserved Operation Noah’s Ark Corporation
  2. 2. I’m requesting that you assist our organization with relief by accepting a 100% Tax Deductible Receipt forPlot ( FILL IN INFORMATION) with in respect to my request is , along with my professional experience, tomake your company a lead provider to the ( add location to the city and state )local community.As you can also please consider is this Organization has pending Federal grants and solely operate on publicdonations of funeral related products and service today and we know with today’s economy we all need togrant some type of relief and I will personally have you relieved in your 2012 corporate taxes from the(Amount of Plot) with the Federal Department of Treasury, Federal Internal Revenue and State of Californiafor being the of assistance and also guarantee your cemetery further relief on the section 501 ( c) 13 of theInternal revenue Code for any current and future help in your services.Please also see this perspective as a view point also; I personally to share with you that we have toconsider that more than 3.7 Million families do qualify for this Charitable Organization I had, founded andthese are statistics based from the Federal Bureau of census for in the year of 2012 for low-income bracketand with both our experience in the field of in the non-profit industry to the funeral industry, My concernshows that I have been consistently rewarded for hard work with promotions and increased responsibilities.These rewards are a direct result of your compassion to those in need of financial relief and ask for yourexpertise in your cemetery, my commitment to personal and professional excellence, and together we canengage in an excellent future partnership program with (name of cemetery). Is this a need for a future foryour local community and do you want to expand into possible expansion as a national cemetery knownacross the world? We can open this option for you.If you have questions, or if you want to schedule an interview, please contact me at our toll free number 1-888-306-9679. I look forward to meeting you to further discuss these opportunities with Operation Noah’s Arkand the (Family in needs name).In warm regards,Chaplain Laura BaconFounder and PresidentONA International Disaster Relief Incident CommanderEnclosureCc: Irene (Last Name) ONA Volunteer 2 Heavens7Sounds TM © Copy Right 2012 All Rights Reserved Operation Noah’s Ark Corporation
  3. 3. 3Heavens7Sounds TM © Copy Right 2012 All Rights Reserved Operation Noah’s Ark Corporation