Letter From the Internal Command Board of Directors


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Letter From the Internal Command Board of Directors

  1. 1. July 28, 2012Dear Donors and Supporter,I wanted to touch base with you in order to open a dialogue and to see if you could pointme in the right direction. I have been approached with a unique opportunity that has thepotential to expand our states response capability in the area of Mass Fatality DisasterEvents. One of the elements that has plagued many jurisdictions that have been affectedby large-scale disasters resulting in a high level of casualties (meaning hundreds, if notthousands of people like the situation faced in Haiti) is the ability to respectfully "place torest" the remains of the victims of a disaster. In response to this difficulty and to providecommunities with an alternative to utilizing "mass graves," Operation Noahs Ark (a non-profit organization) has been gearing up toward providing an alternative. Their goals areto provide a means to give comfort to the family members of the deceased, allow thedeceased to be handled in a respectful and dignified manner, and to expand their effortsacross the United States and on a global level.In its initial phase of development in the disaster relief field, this organization has securedthe donation of 200 cremation coffins to provide to a community, or communities, to useto aid in the final disposition of bodies following a disaster. However, they have receivedassurances from manufacturing companies, and other organizations, that the number ofunits being donated in the near future to this organization for distribution will be
  2. 2. numbering in the thousands. As such, we are attempting to ascertain the level of interestin and the needs to sustain this program. So, to answer the questions:PART II OF OUR LETTER TO YOUOperation Noahs Ark OrganizationJuly 2001 – Present (11 years 1 month) United StatesWhat will it cost my agency? The only costs that will be incurred by an agency would be the costs of transport of thecaskets to your storage facility, and the storage facility itself.What can I use the cremation caskets for ?As the organization is a not-for-profit organization and our contractual agreements withthe organizations donating items to Operation Noahs Ark, we require the receivingagency to sign an agreement that items donated to them stating that: donated caskets, orother items, must be used solely for the purposes of disaster relief following aPresidential Declared Disaster or recognized mass fatality event. However, the receivingorganization can request that additional uses be approved (such as, use for militaryservice personnel service) in the agreement prior to its signing, the delivery of theproducts, and a legal review will be conducted to ensure that Operation Noahs Arkremains within the scope of their mission and charter.Can we request assistance/resources from Operation Noahs Ark during a disaster? Anyrecognized organization can request services/resources from this organization for thepurpose of disaster relief. However, due to financial, logistical, and time constraints, aidmay not be available at the time of a disaster. We are currently working to increase ourcapabilities, but at this time we are working toward being proactive versus reactive.Now that you know a little about Operation Noahs Ark, my question to you is wouldyour organization like to become a beneficiary of these services?Are you an agency going to take a proactive or reactive stance in regards to potentialdisasters?In regards,Laura BaconIncident Commander 2001© Copy Right 2012 All Rights Reserved Operation Noah’s Ark Corporation