HBO India: The Social Media Story


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Here is social media story of HBO India, see how social media provides a very effective and optimal medium for any brand.

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  • Talk about how HBO also churns out the most talked about and award winning campaigns internationally and the most successful use of social media with true blood, where HBO created a make-believe world of vampires among us..
  • Point 3 – you don’t have to impart too much gyan, instead give them some food for thought, they love show-off worthy intelligent and smart polls, discussions and questions… sherlockholmes responses or their expert views on who’s better tarantino or guy ritchie..Point 4 – timing of the post, number of conversation, what to talk.. Doesn’t have to be hapahazardPoint 5 – facebook is still the medium visited most for an HBO audiece, so everything has to lead to or be led by it.
  • Talk about how HBO did a really off-beat campaign and social media and digital was key in sustaining it and making it bigger bringing the Bond girls alive.
  • This slide is more like a marketer’ note summing up how social media provides a very effective and optimal medium for any brand Viral campaign – social media thrives on virality of a campaign, friend’s referral and chain of conversations, and the medium also offers a lot of virality for a good campaign.Medium help build properties that you can own as brand differntiators.. Like we did with hollywood quotient and we took on air…
  • HBO India: The Social Media Story

    1. 1. HBO INDIAThe Social Media Story
    2. 2. A whooping 600000 fan-base.Largest in the category.
    3. 3. HBO – 608030 fans, 12560 people talking about it! STAR MOVIES 389974 Most talked SONY PIX 296019 about media MOVIES NOW 514590 brand in the category.Fan-base as on 5th Jan, 2011
    4. 4. Innovative, en gaging and immensely popular.
    5. 5. How do we do it?
    6. 6. HBO International
    7. 7. Creating a parallel universe forHBO Original Series -True BloodWhat happens when the vampires walk amongus, live among us? The fictitious websites and news stories
    8. 8. Blogs created forthe characters
    9. 9. Cross-brandingcampaigns
    10. 10. The HBO India Story
    11. 11. First few extremely innovativetactical campaign on social media… LAUNCH OF HBO ORIGINAL SERIES- TRUE BLOOD Media coverage for True Blood’s social media campaign (HT City)
    12. 12. HBO ‘THE 11th HOUR’COMMUNITY
    13. 13. HBO – we like!2010 - HBO ventured into the social-media space with a twin-fold objective- Brand differentiation  HBO, the only truly global brand in the category.  Unmatched content from top Hollywood studios and HBO’s Original productions, like no other channel. Numbers Own the single largest interactive community among the competitors.
    14. 14. Insights that we work on… Less ‘gyaan’, more entertainment!Keep them enthralled, keep them engaged. It’s the viewer who’s smart, that’s why helikes you! Not too much, not too less…. It’s Facebook that they spend all day on. Know before you respond.
    15. 15. Campaigns That Rocked!
    16. 16. Campaigns that rocked! HBOO7 – Bond Evolution Bond girls on HBO got heads turning like never before and social media took it to a different level. HBO added 75000+ new fans on the page at the end of the campaign.
    17. 17. Campaigns that rocked!HOLLYWOODPREMIERELEAGUEHBO’s proprietary stunt thatcombines two passions Indiahas – Cricket andHollywood, gets a social-media avatar and shoots upthe fan base by almost 25% injust a month!
    18. 18. Campaigns that rocked!ROCKYFREEDOMFESTIVAL ONHBOOne of the mostsuccessful socialapps from HBOthat made the boysvery happy!
    19. 19. Campaigns that rocked! INCEPTION HBO’s latest social media campaign for the movie of the year – Inception.
    20. 20. Campaigns that rocked!HOLLYWOODQUOTIENTA very successfulonline propertythat has now beentaken on-air.
    21. 21. Campaigns that rocked!HBO PLANNERThe latest online appfrom HBO that’s alreadygetting a demand for amobile version now!
    22. 22. Using social media marketing • Higher ROI medium • Measurability • Identify the right networks for your audience • Viral • Building sustainable on-line properties
    23. 23. THANK YOU!