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What do start-ups do the most? They are walking-talking résumés selling their idea and business to anyone and everyone who would listen. In this context, Twitter, undoubtedly, is amongst the best things to happen to businesses. One might say it provides click-quick-communication to one and all. All that one needs to do is mastering the fun of 140 characters, by smart communication, sheer wit and easy-interactive playfulness.
This was presented at the Power of Ideas summit in NOIDA on 17th November 2012, where Kapil Gupta talks about how a start-up can leverage the power of Twitter to its advantage.

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  • Twitter Pitch - How Can Startups use Twitter

    1. 1. Twitter Pitch– Communicating Value in 140 characters “Power of Ideas”, JSSATE-STEP 17th November 2012 Kapil Gupta (
    2. 2. Social Media Basics
    3. 3. Social Media BasicsParticipation – Contribution and feedback
    4. 4. Social Media BasicsTwo-way communication between large no. of people
    5. 5. Social Media Basics Build a sense of community –Facilitate communities to connect easily and effectively
    6. 6. Social Media Basics Connection and connectedness –Make use of links to connect with other sites, resources and people
    7. 7. Social Media Basics Collaboration and sharing –Voting, comments, sharing information and ideas
    8. 8. Idiot’s Guide to Twitter:
    9. 9. Idiot’s Guide to Twitter:• Founded on 21st March’2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams and Biz Stone• Broadcast short messages to your friends or "followers." It also let’s you specify which Twitter users you want to follow so that you can read their messages in one place• All Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters• The messages are called Tweets and the people on twitter are called Tweeple.
    10. 10. Idiot’s Guide to Twitter:a. Tweetb. Re-Tweet (RT)c. Mentiond. Hash Tags (#)e. Direct Message (DM)f. Trending Topicsg. Followh. Unfollow
    11. 11. Idiot’s Guide to Twitter:a) Tweet Tweet means a message or a broadcast of a message to all in limited 140 characters. It is similar to a Facebook status.b) Re-Tweet (RT) Re-posting someone else’s message to your own feed with attributing the original creatorc) Mention (@) We can mention any tweeple in our tweets just by writing @ before his/her twitter handled) Hash Tags (#) Placing the hash tag in front of any word of sentence you using in your tweet might grow its visibility on Twitter as well as on Google.
    12. 12. Idiot’s Guide to Twitter:e) Direct Message Sending private messages to the other Twitter users (who are following you).f) Trending Topics What everybody is talking aboutg) Follow Receive messages from the people you likeh) Unfollow Stop following or “Unfriend” a Twitter account if it is boring, spamming, or just plain annoying.
    13. 13. Things which twitter teaches you can also be implemented in real life.Explain about you and your organization via interactive tweets.
    14. 14. What You Need Is:
    15. 15. How to win friends & influence people: +1 RT @DaleCarnegie, 1930
    16. 16. Become genuinely interested in other +1 RT @DaleCarnegie, 1930
    17. 17. Smile
    18. 18. Remember that a persons name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language
    19. 19. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk
    20. 20. Talk in terms of the other persons interest
    21. 21. Sincerely make the other person feel important“Social media are primarilyInternet-based tools for sharingand discussing information amonghuman beings.” - Wikipedia
    22. 22. The Magic Formula
    23. 23. 140 characters? That’s too much.
    24. 24. In 140 Characters:Image courtesy:
    25. 25. In 140 Characters:Image courtesy:
    26. 26. In 140 Characters:Image courtesy:
    27. 27. In 140 Characters:Image courtesy:
    28. 28. In 140 Characters:Image courtesy:
    29. 29. In 140 Characters:Image courtesy:
    30. 30. Don’t do everything – Define objectiveIntroduce companyMention USP’sRefer to new promotionsCreate suspenseEngage & Interact Corporate vs Informal
    31. 31. Replace Elevator Pitch? Maybe. Email pitch? NO!NO!Twitter is enhancer not a replacement.We can already never explain everything we want in brief ontwitter, we’ll always need e-mail to explain ourclients, customers, investors etc.Twitter helps in making a platform or establishing awarenessabout our motive, it will also help in making connections.
    32. 32. What Start-ups Do The MostYour Twitter profile, bio and handle is your “Social” resume. Make it ascrisp as possible
    33. 33. How it works?• Profile is an important part of Twitter, make sure your bio is well defined with the right amount of information in 160 characters• Keep transforming your bio according to the activities on your handle, add links if possible
    34. 34. Tweeting ongoinglyUser’s believe in quick information rather than lengthy explanations.So, sell your brand in those 140 characters and make a stand foryourself.
    35. 35. CommunicateSpeak about your brand in those 140 characters to the tweeples, whowill eventually turn into your followers if your brand interests them.
    36. 36. InteractIt’s all about Retweets and replies to your followers and other tweepleswho share the same interest. More the replies, better the standing ofyour brand
    37. 37. Influence And Get Influenced
    38. 38. Appreciate And Get AppreciatedA general “great job” or even a “+1” saying you agree will help yougather appreciation in the time of your victorious milestones andhence, putting a positive impact on tweeples.
    39. 39. Be VisibleAt least put 5 tweets throughout the day with relevant hashtags, tomake your posts viewable when people search for any particular wordof hashtag.An active profile means an active stand in the market
    40. 40. Seek Feedback“Your feedback is important for us.” A harmless tweet with a greatimpact, depicts how transparent your brand is You will always grow by working ahead in accordance to yourcustomer’s feedback.
    41. 41. Be AcceptingAccept other’s opinions by hitting that “Retweet” button.
    42. 42. Break The WallThe best way to communicate and reduce the communication betweenyou and your customer
    43. 43. How it works?• Reply by mentioning them (#), ask questions, take feedback etc.• Make witty, short and effective tweets – humor always works.• Twitter is the best way to make connections.• Follow your interest and TG
    44. 44. How it works?• Personal talks should be private- Use DM in twitter• Be centre of attraction- Be visible via your tweets to others.• Create networks- Follow-Unfollow, RTs
    45. 45. All these in just 140 characters? Let’s Make It Work • Those keyboards shortcuts are meant to be used. “and” = “&”. • Always shorten your links • Use hashtags for your products and save the “space” characters • Whilst mentioning a tweeter in your post, use their twitter handle instead of their name to interact • It’s not compulsory to add links at the end. Make it interesting by using it as a suspense factor for the tweeples. E.g. (link) is the best way to get glowing skin!
    46. 46. All these in just 140 characters? Let’s Make It Work • Found a tweet which interests you or has the same opinion as yours? Simple add a “+1” and RT to the tweeter’s tweet • It’s all about that crisp one sentence, so rather than giving too much information in one tweet divide your tweet into parts and tweet at different intervals of time. This will make your tweets visible and will also catch attention.
    47. 47. Do’s and Don’tsDO• Try to make tweets funny and interactive• Share Images• Put proper hashtags for more visibility• Tag big names and elicit their RT• Always reply to people who mention you in their tweet• Follow back• Flush out those that are ‘not following back’• Use original image and names
    48. 48. Do’s and Don’tsDON’Ts• Don’t Spam or put the same promotion tweet again & again.• Don’t share images without giving credit / courtesy.• Don’t put in more than 3 #hashtags in a single tweet.• Don’t beg big names of twitter to follow you or do RT.• Don’t be socially desperate in replying to mentions.• Don’t follow back blindly; always check the profile before following.• Don’t un-follow the active tweeples that are following you.• Don’t use fake images or fake information about anything.
    49. 49. THANK YOU! @OMLogic @kapgup to Be Social the Indian way? We would like to be your partner!