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Top Five Time Management Tips


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Time management does not mean doing more wok; it means doing the right things at right time. It should help you achieve more by operating less.

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Top Five Time Management Tips

  1. 1.  Time Management refers tomanaging time effectively sothat the right time isallocated to the right activity. Effective time managementallows individuals to assignspecific time slots toactivities as per theirimportance. Time Management refers tomaking the best use of timeas time is always limited.
  2. 2.  Effective Planning Setting goals andobjectives Setting deadlines Delegation ofresponsibilities Prioritizing activitiesas per theirimportance Spending the righttime on the rightactivity
  3. 3. For Effective Time Management one needs tobe: Organized - Avoid keeping stacks of file and heaps of paper at yourworkstation. Throw what all you don’t need. Put importantdocuments in folders. Keep the files in their respective drawerswith labels on top of each file. It saves time which goes onunnecessary searching. Don’t misuse time - Do not kill time by loitering or gossipingaround. Concentrate on your work and finish assignments on time.Remember your organization is not paying you for playing games oncomputer or peeping into other’s cubicles. First complete yourwork and then do whatever you feel like doing. Don’t wait till thelast moment. Be Focused - One needs to be focused for effective timemanagement.
  4. 4. Develop the habit of using planners, organizers, tabletop calendars for better time management. Setreminders on phones or your personal computers.
  5. 5. Why Is Time ManagementImportant? Helps You Prioritize Get More Done In Less Time More Quality Work Keeps Things In Context Forces You To Do Things YouDo Not Like Keeps You On Track
  6. 6. Time is a necessity and without it, it is challengingto make life worthwhile. Efficient time managementmakes it possible to identify how and when youwant to spend you time and what choices are bestto make. Through time management youaccomplish more with minimal effort. Finding timeto enjoy life is vital to a person’s health andpersonal motivation.