Journal of Autism-Open Access


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OMICS Publishing Group journal, Autism- Open Access explicates the complicated aspects of autism related developmental disorders like Asperger syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder. The journal is promptly available and is freely accessible globally through internet to share the innovations of the researchers for scholarly advancement in this field.

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Journal of Autism-Open Access

  1. 1. Journal of Autism-Open Access (ISSN: 2165-7890)
  2. 2.  World Class Open Access Publisher and Scientific Events Organizer for the Advancement of Science & Technology. OMICS Publishing Group is an Open Access publication model.
  3. 3. OMICS – Contribution in Open Access OMICS group strongly supports Open Access Initiative. It allows anyone to copy, use and transmit the work, provided the original work and source is cited properly. At present, OMICS publishes more than 250 Open Access scientific journals . It also organizes international scientific conferences, providing platform for interaction of researchers all over the globe.
  4. 4. Journal of Autism-Open Access
  5. 5. Journal of Autism-Open Access Autism is an Open Access Journal under the category: Life Sciences, published by OMICS group. It publishes different types of research articles related to the Autism and related Neuro-developmental disorders, their treatment therapy and causes. It provides a common platform to researchers to share their research and innovations in the neurological disorders.
  6. 6. Editor-in-Chief & Executive Editors Editor-in-Chief Paul Ashwood Associate Professor Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology University of California at Davis, USA Executive Editor Yokotani Kenji Nigata Seiryo University Japan Executive Editor Gianluca Esposito Riken Brain Science Institute Japan
  7. 7. Executive Editors Executive Editor Andrew McQuillin University College London London Executive Editor Samira Hayes Community Services Ireland Executive Editor Craig M. Powell Department of Neurology and Psychiatry The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center USA
  8. 8. Autism- Classifications1. Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy2. Asperger Syndrome3. Auditory Integration Therapy4. Autism treatment5. Autistic Disorder6. Child Psychiatry7. Communication interventions8. Rett’s Syndrome9. Socio-communicative Behavior10. Speech and Language Therapy
  9. 9. Special Issue Titles for AutismTitle Handling EditorASD & Communication of Distress Samira HayesEpigenetic Analysis of Nagwa Abdel Meguid MohamedNeurodevelopment DisordersFunctional Imaging and Autism Elysa Jill MarcoHealth Services Research on Autism Li WangUsing Socio-Behavioral Models inAutism Research Rahul KhannaAutism Spectrum Disorders Dario SiniscalcoNeurobiology of Autism Afaf El-Ansary, Teresa TavassoliOxidative Stress in Developmental Sue X. MingDisordersGenetics of Autism Spectrum Anitha Ayyappan PillaiDisorders
  10. 10. OMICS Journals related to Autism • Brain Disorders & Therapy • Cell & Developmental Biology • Child and Adolescent Behavior • Neurological Disorders • Psychology and Psychotherapy • Psychological Abnormalities in Children
  11. 11. OMICS Conferences related to Autism• International Conference on Psychology, Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease (Sep 30- Oct 01,2013)- San Antonio, USA.• International Conference and Exhibition on Neurology & Therapeutics (June 17-19, 2013)- Chicago, USA.• International Conference on Pediatrics and Neonatology (Sep 16- 18, 2013.