Different Types of Behaviors


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Interacting with individuals is usually difficult and complicated. Fortunately, there are only three main types of behaviors which people exhibit once they communicate with the individuals.

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Different Types of Behaviors

  1. 1. Types of Behaviors
  2. 2. Efficiency investment behaviourThis behaviour is a one-shotaction. As such it is a clearlyidentifiable individualevent, which usuallyinvolves some amount ofinformation processingprior to the action. If youtarget this type of behavioryou are trying to influencehow people make decisionsand you usually also wantyour target group to investmoney.
  3. 3. Habitual or curtailment behaviour.This type of behaviourusually entails unconsciousdecisions, routines.Routines are activities thatare repeated frequently andwithout conscious thinking.If you target curtailmentbehaviour, your aim is tocreate routines,new repetitive efforts toreduce energy use such asturning off lights orappliances when not in useor taking shorter showers.
  4. 4. Compulsive behaviorCompulsive behavior isdefined as performing anact persistently andrepetitively without itleading to an actual rewardor pleasure. Compulsivebehaviors could be anattempt to make obsessionsgo away. The act is usually asmall, restricted andrepetitive behavior, yet notdisturbing in a pathologicalway.
  5. 5. Prosocial behaviorProsocial behavior consistsof actions which benefitother people or society as awhole such as helping,sharing, donating, co-operating, andvolunteering.These actionsmay be motivated byempathy and by concernabout the welfare and rightsof others,as well as foregoistic or practicalconcerns.