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Building Organisations & Cultures for Success

  1. Building Organisations & Cultures for Success Re-Read Bookshelf
  2. GREAT BY CHOICE - Jim Collins Fanatic discipline - 20 Mile March; SMaC Recipe Productive Paranoia - Contingency Plans & Buffers Empirical Creativity - Fire Bullets…then Cannonballs Level 5 Ambition Maximise Return on Luck
  3. THE CULTURE MAP - Erin Meyer High context vs. low context cultures change communication styles Applications first learning vs principles first learning Positive & negative feedback styles very Healthy conflict demands trust, which is built in different ways Collectivist vs individualist
  4. RANGE - David Epstein Generalists flourish in ‘wicked’ learning environments vs Specialists flourish in ‘kind’ learning environments Polymaths have deep expertise in a couple of areas & some knowledge in an array of others Compare yourself with yourself of yesterday Experiment
  5. THE POWER OF HABIT - Charles Duhigg Cue + Response = Reward Cravings are powerful & drive behaviour Understanding our habit loops help identify our cravings & change them To change habits, work on one new thing at a time, understand the loop, idetify the desired response, select a cue, design the reward, sustain the new stimulus until new habits arise (around 30 days)
  6. BUILT TO LAST - Jim Collins Build a clock (get the structure & function of the company right), don’t tell the time (focus on doing a specific task) Create your core ideology, which should remain consistent (more than profits) but the methods must be flexible enough to drive progress Set big hairy audacious goals Experiment a lot “Good enough”, never is good enough