The SWOT analysis on the work conditions of the teachers in Kallaveden koulu


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The SWOT analysis on the work conditions of the teachers in Kallaveden koulu

  1. 1. Kallaveden koulu Kuopio FinlandThe SWOT analysis on the workconditions of the teachers in Kallavedenkoulu 10.6.2012
  2. 2. Strengths As a teacher it is important to have functional facilities at school. Our school is quite new and hence modern, which makes teaching easy for that part. We have quite a lot of recreational activities for staff. We get discounts for various sports facilities and we throw parties with different themes, for example at the beginning of holidays. Our staff is very communal, which makes the atmosphere at school open and improvements to our work easier to make. Teachers are also encouraged to educate themselves further. 10.6.2012
  3. 3. Weaknesses Our class sizes are pretty big and that makes it difficult to pay attention to different learning mechanics our pupils have. Big classes are also more difficult to manage. This also affects the size of the school itself, for it is very large in personnel, student population and the school itself, thus hard to manage and supervise. Our school is also lacking in proper av-equipment. That makes it harder to keep the teaching methods up to date and even-handed. 10.6.2012
  4. 4. Opportunities As teachers we feel that our school has opportunities in both recess activities and activating the parents. We already have a reasonably active parent’s association that we could make even better use of by getting parents to be part of school work. We also already have a game room that students can use when they are in recess, but it can only be used by one class at a time. 10.6.2012
  5. 5. Threats Big cuts in the funds for the education in the city of Kuopio are probably the biggest threat we are now facing. If the funds keep disappearing at current speed, it’s going to be almost impossible to even upgrade the teaching equipment and also the class sizes will continue to get bigger. We also now face a decision that will unite our school with a big elementary school. That will make the weaknesses of our school even more apparent. Also the popularity of the social medias has proven to be a threat in school work. 10.6.2012