Interviews with immigrants in Spain


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  • I.P.E.P. Cádiz
  • Interviews with immigrants in Spain

    1. 1. GRUNDTVIG PROJECT Harnessing Intercultural Diversity Cádiz (Spain) Meeting 16-20 February 2011
    2. 3. HOME COUNTRIES Guinea Conakry (2) Ivory Coast Morocco Tunisia
    3. 4. HOME COUNTRY REASONS FOR LEAVING Guinea Conakry To improve their families’ life conditions Ivory Coast Because of the politic, economic and social problems in the country Morocco In search of better life conditions Tunisia To know other countries
    4. 5. HOME COUNTRY MIGRATION Guinea Conakry Frequent Ivory Coast Frequent Morocco Frequent Tunisia Frequent
    5. 6. HOME COUNTRY FAMILY MEMBERS WHO MIGRATED TO SPAIN Guinea Conakry <ul><li>Wife and children </li></ul><ul><li>None. It is very difficult to bring them over </li></ul>Ivory Coast Uncle, aunt and cousins Morocco Sister Tunisia None. No family left behind
    6. 7. HOME COUNTRY REASONS FOR CHOOSING SPAIN Guinea Conakry It offers more opportunities and better job conditions Ivory Coast There is better life quality Morocco It is close to Morocco, Spanish is easy to learn and family members were already living in Spain Tunisia By chance
    7. 8. HOME COUNTRY PAPERWORK Guinea Conakry He had no difficulties to obtain legal paperwork Ivory Coast It was difficult for him to have his paperwork arranged Morocco He came illegally until he found a job. He needs a employment contract in order to continue living here Tunisia It was not difficult for him to obtain legal paperwork, since he knew the language well and so it was easier to find a job
    8. 9. HOME COUNTRY USE OF MONEY EARNED IN SPAIN Guinea Conakry To help their families in home country Ivory Coast Only to survive. No possibility of saving money Morocco For himself only, as he cannot save to help his family Tunisia He can save money but does not need to help any family member
    9. 10. HOME COUNTRY TREATMENT RECEIVED FROM SPANISH PEOPLE Guinea Conakry Not very good Ivory Coast A little disrespectful Morocco Not very good. He is not well considered for being an immigrant Tunisia He has not found troubles in his relationships with the Spaniards
    10. 11. HOME COUNTRY FEELINGS FOR NATIVE COUNTRY AND FOR SPAIN Guinea Conakry He misses his country, family and friends Ivory Coast He is worried about political situation in his country Morocco He values his country better and considers that he had idealized Spain Tunisia He is worried about his family
    11. 12. HOME COUNTRY DESIRE OF SETTLING IN SPAIN Guinea Conakry He would like to raise his children in Spain Ivory Coast He would like to settle in Spain because his country is in war and life quality is better here Morocco He would like to come back to his country Tunisia So far, he would like to continue living in Spain