How an employer identifies potential suitable employees in Estonia


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How an employer identifies potential suitable employees in Estonia

  1. 1. Business Ideas for the Future 4th meeting Germany 2011
  2. 2.  The colors of the national flag of Estonia symbolize blue for sky , black for ground , white is for the desire for freedom and hope for the future . Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  3. 3.  Swallow Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  4. 4.  Knapweed, cornflower Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  5. 5.  A market survey on the internet. Job advertisement /my mock business firm. CV, cover/covering letter and application form. Explonation of use of required information. Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  6. 6. My market survey is based on the study and comparison of the reports taken from the following sites: http://www.job.eeSome finished reports compiled by the tourism firm Go Travel and taxi firm Tallinnk Taxi have been also used. Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  7. 7. The analysis of the situation at Estonian labourmarket during the period from June 28 toAugust 20 2011 has been included into themarket survey. Also the changes occurring inthis time interval have been taken into account. Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  8. 8. Tourism: 1. Waiter in a restaurant 2. Janitor at the hotel 3. Porter at the hotel 4. Cook in a restaurant 5. Animator Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  9. 9. Media: 1. Media designer (Graphics Engineer) 2. Web designer (HTML, Java etc…) 3. Broadcast Journalist 4. Magazine Editor 5. Reporter Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  10. 10. Transport: 1. Bus driver 2. Taxi driver 3. Moving Industry workers (T- category) 4. Technicians and mechanics 5. Truck driver Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  11. 11. Tourism: 1. Tour guide 2. Hotel receptionist 3. Waiter in a restaurant 4. Ship receptionist 5. City information worker Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  12. 12. Media: 1. Editor-in-Chief 2. Art Director 3. Producer 4. TV News Anchor 5. Reporter Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  13. 13.  Transport: 1. Bus driver 2. Truck driver 3. Codriver / trip attendant 4. Technicians and mechanics 5. Logistician Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  14. 14.  You can clearly see that the jobs that areavailable differ from the jobs that peopledesire. But even so, we can find similar jobs inboth lists, that is, among available and wanted:Waiter in a restaurant, Bus driver, Truck driver,Technicians and mechanics itcInterestingly, some available jobs could help aperson to build a career and to start his/herown business : Technicians and mechanics itc Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  15. 15.  The reality is different from people’s wishes,and it can be said that the Estonian labourmarket does not answer people’s requirementsin general. But it doesnt mean that it isimpossible to find a good job. As we live inEuropean Union it means that a person caneasily move in search of a dream job. Buteveryone must remember that if you want agood job, you have to get a proper educationfirst. Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  16. 16. Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  17. 17. Ifyou like travelling and are interested inculture and traditions of your country, join us!We are travel agency specialized in theorganization of tours to Estonian Islands. Ourfirm is growing in popularity with foreigntourists. Now we are looking for newemployees for the position of a tour guide toshow our clients the beauty of Estonian islands. Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  18. 18. Candidate requirements:good knowledge of Estonia, Russian, Englishor Germanbe sociable, friendly, interested in culture andtraditionsknow the history of our countryhave previous experience working with peopleresponsibility Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  19. 19. Job information:Type of job: part-time, contract, for studentsApplication deadline 4 AugustThe firm offers:Good salaryGood experience of team work You can:promotecombine work with studyapply for other positions Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  20. 20. If you fit this description, send us a letter of applicationaddressed to the Officer for Tourism.Other InformationPlease attach a photograph to your CV + cover letterContact info:Estonian Island Tour Company (EIT Company)Address: Jõe 22, Tallinn, 10151 HarjumaaPhone: +372-67-XXX , +372-555-XX-XXXInternet address: www.estonianisland.eeE-mail: Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  21. 21. Where it will be published:The advertisement will be published in thenewspaper Päevaleht, on the Internet (, ) because these are the mostreadable sources of information in Estonia andabroad and it will be published for a month. Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  22. 22. Explanation of job requirements:good knowledge of Estonian, Russian, English orGermanOur business is aimed at tourists from neighbouringcountries and tourists from all over the world knowingEnglish or German as an international language.be sociable, friendly, interested in culture andtraditionsTour guides should love their job to interest peopleknow the history of our countryBe ready to answer tourists’ questionshave previous experience working with peopleHave some skills in psychology and first aid Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  23. 23.  example Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  24. 24.  CV EXPLANATION:Considering that Crriculum Vitae (CV) has already entrenchedfilling plan, innovations in it or a deviation from the plans willbe seen as a violation of the rules of filling an officialdocument.Therefore for writing a suitable CV the candidate should take inaccount that any experience in the work, certification or coursesthat are related to this workplace should always be included inthe document. Of course a huge advantage gives previousworking experience education, recommendations from aprevious job or school. All this demand for a more extensivebiography of the individual. Therefore, candidate should writeall without prejudice to any useful information.Because he needs an advantage!? Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  25. 25.  excample Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  26. 26. COVER LETTER EXPLANATION:To ensure his/her superiority over other applicants, apotential candidate should emphasize his/heradvantages over other: which in turn can be expressedas work experience, education ore some extracommunication skills.Candidate should also mention why exactly he shouldcome to this position and in what he can be useful.Because we are looking for the ideal candidate for thisposition! Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  27. 27.  example Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  28. 28.  The required information about the person will helpme as an employer to identify the most suitablecandidate in the following way:-In the following documents a person is describing hislife biography (education, languageskills, occupation, etc…), that is, giving completeinformation about himself, which I can analyze andcompare with other candidates. And only after thiscomparison I will make my choice of the rightcandidate. But since everyone is different, it meansthan the skills and abilities are also different foreveryone. However, at first I should draw attention tothe following points: Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  29. 29.  First of all, I will take into account the candidate’seducation. Then I will consider any references from theprevious jobs or school. The references can give theapplicant a great advantage and attract my attentionbecause they show how well the candidate performedin their business. And it also gives a guarantee of thecandidate’s responsibility and his/her attitude to theirduties. And only then I will take into consideration theirlanguage skills and work experience. Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  30. 30.  With regard to a reference letter, I think it is also an importantfactor that may influence my decision as the purpose of thisdocument is to demonstrate the candidate’s strong sides.Altogether these documents must help come to a decisionwhen choosing the best appropriate person for the position.Supposedly quite many applicants have similar skills and goodknowledge of the subject, so it may be a very difficult task tofind that final crucial factor that will help make decision torecruit a particular person.And as for the Job Application Form, the most important thingin it for me is that the candidate must agree to our workschedule and when he/she is available to start work.Once I identify the most suitable candidate, I will invitehim/her to a job interview to discuss our future cooperation. Ivan Mirzojan, Glonn, 30.09.2011
  31. 31. Ivan Mirzojan 12z classVana-Kalamaja Adult High School