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Sap retail unlock


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Sap retail unlock

  2. 2. The Impact of Technology on Retail Technology-related trends are having a significant impact on your business Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) Mobile/online shopping Mobile/online promotions and coupons Use of in-store mobile technology by store associates Waning store/brand loyalty as consumers become more empowered Ability to scan QR codes, compare products and pricing Influence of peer rankings and reviews on consumers purchase decisions Mobile payments Showrooming Multiple responses allowed. 71% 52% 51% 32% 29% 18% 17% 16% 12% KPMG 2013 Retail Industry Outlook
  3. 3. SAP RETAIL. RIGHT. NOW. The Rapid Pace in Change in Retail SAP Services helps you unlock the power of technology to enhance retail performance. Whether on premise, cloud, or a hybrid platform, SAP Services speeds the deployment of innovative solutions to help yield better business outcomes. As shopping habits become more remote, it’s critical for retailers to engage and understand customers.
  4. 4. Organizations use data and analytics to help support their strategic decision making Customer insight Brand and product management Pricing decisions Market expansion Operating model optimization Portfolio rationalization 72 68 64 50 45 37 23 67 56 40 42 14 % in 2013 % in 2012KPMG 2013 Retail Industry Outlook
  6. 6. Retail Fashion • 18 Retail specific accelerators • End-to-end starter packages as well and accelerators for dedicated fashion business processes Retail Grocery • 19 Retail specific accelerators available • End-to-end starter packages as well as accelerators for dedicated grocery business processes Retail Hard Goods / Specialty • 16 Retail specific accelerators available • Accelerators addressing specific business processes across the entire value chain
  7. 7. A Simplified Experience With a holistic and simplified approach, SAP Services delivers Industry Expertise and Breakthrough Technology for Retail that consistently yields better business outcomes. IMA GINE CRE ATE DEP LOY AM P LIFY
  8. 8. Imagine Your Retail Solution Mapping vision and strategic intent to capabilities Business vision, strategy, and drivers • Reference model – Business capabilities – Business performance IMA GINE CRE ATEDEPLOY AM P LIFY
  9. 9. Design Thinking Approach Delivery to Market Traditional Development Approach TIME RESOURCES EXPENDITURE Concept DESIRABILITY Observation Discovery (Journey Map) EVALUATE FEASIBILITY Idea Generation EVALUATE VIABILITY
  10. 10. Create Your Retail Solution Definition of business car, road map and future state Design Blueprint • Retail toolbox – Touch, feel, and proof • Value prototyping • Reference patterns – Integration, Data – Reference architecture Custom Application Development • Extend existing SAP Retail solution portfolio • Build new consumer-grade unique solutions • Development On Premise, on SAP HANA, in Mobile and Cloud • Productize industry-proven custom applications into packaged solutions • Address critical industry concerns: – Reinventing the Consumer Experience – Modernizing Supply Chain – Rethinking operations to enable growth innovation
  12. 12. Packaged Retail Solutions Actions Get Social, Marketing and Merchandising Insight with SAP Affinity Insight for Retail. The highly flexible analytics solution on SAP HANA helps you transform analysis for retail sales transactions into a strategic advantage. Optimize Logistics and Fulfillment with SAP Cross Channel Order Management. Improve the entire process, from order entry to outbound delivery. With the sales order allocation and rescheduling application on SAP HANA, accelerate inventory turns, optimize processes, and increase profitability. Improve Demand and Replenishment Planning and be ready for customers’ changing behavior with the automated store allocation and stock balancing management applications.
  13. 13. Results Fast Go-To-Market – Leveraging a streamlined and accelerated development process Top-Notch Quality – Leveraging standard SAP development methodology and highly experienced developers Future Compatibility – Synchronized with the SAP release strategy and aligned with further releases of the underlying software
  14. 14. Deploy Your Retail Solution ON-PREMISE HYBRID DEPLOYMENT CLOUD IMA GINE CRE ATE DEP LOY AM P LIFY Fastest Path to the Cloud • Rapid cloud-onboarding • Based on best next business and implementation practices • Hosted and managed cloud, e.g., SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud • Rapid-deployment solutions as default starting point • Custom cloud solutions and extensions to adapt the cloud
  15. 15. Project SAP Solutions Traditional Project Project Using ES SAP Solutions Project Retail Accelerators +35% Savings in Time Effort* * Direct Savings in “Systems” area only. Further benefits and savings realized for “Processes” and “People” (e.g. business process re-engineering and organizational change management)
  16. 16. Amplify Your Retail Solution Practice Experience Subscribe Collaborate SAP LEARNING HUB:
  17. 17. Value realization – new model generation • Lifecycle optimization • Innovation Realize Value IMA GINE CRE ATEDEPLOY AM P LIFY
  18. 18. Address All Your Retail Needs Customer-Centric Merchandising • SAP Planning for Retail • SAP Shopper Insight • SAP Sales Analysis for Retail • SAP Best Practices for Retail • Starter Pack Service for Fashion Retailing • Starter Pack Service for Grocery Retailing • Design review Service for Fashion Retailing • Meat Processing Starter Pack Service for SAP for Retail • Empowerment of Global Data Synchronization for Retail Collaborative Sourcing, Buying and Manufacturing • Preconfigured In-store production scenarios for SAP for Retail
  19. 19. Customer-Driven Supply Chain • SAP EWM for Retail • Services for SAP FR – Implementation Guidance – Test Package – Master Data Quality Check – Location DIF optimization – Organizational Design Transformation • EDW Service for Retail Inventories • Deployment of Inventory Diagnostics for Retail Unified Customer Experience • SAP Shopper Insight • SAP Sales Analysis for Retail • Starter Implementation Service for SAP POS DM • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Service for POS • EDW Service for POS Data – Assortments (ERP Connectivity Service for SAP POS Data Management • Preconfigured implementation of Loss prevention analytics
  20. 20. SAP Drives Value for Retail Retail customers who have realized value through business transformation enabled by SAP Under Armour GOAL Accommodate changing demand and supply and ensure that performance apparel, footwear and accessories are in the stores, ready to empower athletes everywhere HIGHLIGHTS • Allocation run time down from 5-6 hours to 1 hour, ability to run it multiple times a day instead of overnight/over weekend • Deliver orders to warehouses and customers faster with better real-time information through SAP HANA • Higher customer satisfaction due to optimized fill rates
  21. 21. Ferrero GOAL One single system for CRM data globally, a flexible and comprehensive mobile solution for the Sales Reps, and scalability for further countries. HIGHLIGHTS A customized version of SAP Retail Execution App: • Direct connection to ECC – no order handling in CRM, increased productivity • Easy to use Application with excellent navigation - less training required, good acceptance by users • No loss of contact information due to reorganization of territories
  22. 22. SAP Drives Value for Retail (continued) Perfumería Ultra GOAL One single system for CRM data globally, a flexible and comprehensive mobile solution for the Sales Reps, and scalability for further countries. HIGHLIGHTS SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution: • More efficient organization of customer databases • Extensive knowledge of its customers’ spending habits, thus building greater expertise in customer care. • Information that can be used for marketing campaigns and strategies
  23. 23. Sahara Q Shop GOAL With 305 warehouses in 285 locations, the company needed a unified IT system that could keep up with growth. HIGHLIGHTS SAP ERP for Trading rapid-deployment solution: • Supply chain is running more efficiently than ever before • 25% faster inventory turnover • 90%  order fulfillment rate
  24. 24. Your Single, Simple Path to Retail Innovation RETAIL UNLOCK THE POWER OF CLICK HERE to learn more about RETAIL
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