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Slides Steffen Becker, "Code for Europe Workshop"


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Slides of OKCon2013
Session: Code for Europe Workshop

Published in: Technology, Business
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Slides Steffen Becker, "Code for Europe Workshop"

  1. 1. By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be urban
  2. 2. traffic
  3. 3. sanitation
  4. 4. job search
  5. 5. apps?
  6. 6. apps are small solutions to everyday problems when I get home I need to send Paul the documents he asked! cute dress! Where did she get it? I wonder if I can get that cheaper somewhere else... cute dress! Where did she get ti? cute dress! Where did she get ti? © dotopen confidential 2012 and now where can I find a hardware store? cute dress! Where did she get ti? What a cool image ...maybe a surprise weekend trip? a surprise weekend trip would be great... I would love to show you my model boats right now! cute dress! Where did she get ti? cute dress! Where did she get ti? qwe qeiuoiu q? all these couples, I’m so done shopping alone... cute dress! Where did she get ti? I wish I could see my kids. It’s been 6 months...
  7. 7. what do you need to build good apps?
  8. 8. 1. Understand end users BY NC ND
  9. 9. 1. soluciona una 2. Solve a problem necesidad real design [2. piensa en la tecnología] technology business $99.99 BY NC ND
  10. 10. A safe, predictable platform Participants Opportunities (great problems!)
  11. 11. Open Innovation 2.0 We have created a methodology for building good apps: Hack at Home ? i i i APP </if> Cities, Organizations: • Define problems • Define rules • Set up prizes App Makers: • Build teams • Submit ideas • Create apps • Get expert support Expert support for: • Problem/Needs • Design & UX • Business Model • Technology APP APP APP APP APP APP Ecosystem of apps: • App-solutions to the initial problem • Best apps receive prizes • Apps are promoted globally
  12. 12. Cairo Transport App Challenge: Solve Cairo traffic problem!
  13. 13. Beliaa 1rst mobile application for Road Assistant
  14. 14. InfoJobs App Challenge: Help people find jobs!
  15. 15. InfoJobs Hack at Home: in numbers OCT.2012 – FEB.2013 2.7+ M mentions </if> 550+ participants 50+ app ideas APP 25+ apps
  16. 16. CrowdJob team up to apply for jobs
  17. 17. Sanitation App Challenge: Improve Sanitation - globally!
  18. 18. Sanitation App Challenge: in numbers DEC.2012 – MAR.2013 11+ M mentions </if> 800+ participants 80+ app ideas APP 25+ apps
  19. 19. Taarifa information collection, visualization and interactive mapping
  20. 20. open for your contribution
  21. 21. Open Data Tourism Solutions for tourism in the city
  22. 22. Vote ur r yoite fo or fav p! ap
  23. 23. Open Helsinki Transparency for citizens
  24. 24. ate Cre ur yo ! app
  25. 25. txs Thank you! dotopen 06/2013 confidential | 30