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SEO Benefits


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No-one can guarantee that you will get rich quickly whatever you do, but we can guarantee that through our different search engine optimization (SEO) services we will get your page on top of search as fast as possible. The rest is up to you but since we are sure you have a lot to offer gaining new business in almost guaranteed...!

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SEO Benefits

  1. 1. What Is SEO?Search EngineOptimization Sagar Shah Om Infomedia Solutions 1
  2. 2. What Is SEO? IT IS AN ARTTO GET MORE TRAFFIC 2 Om Infomedia Solutions
  3. 3. Why SEO? For Rank up in Major search Engines Om Infomedia Solutions 3
  4. 4. How Search Engines Work? The first basic truth you need to knowto learn SEO is that search engines arenot humans. While this might be obviousfor everybody, the differences between howhumans and search engines view web pagesarent. Unlike humans, search engines aretext-driven. Om Infomedia Solutions 4
  5. 5. Keywords –the Most Important Item in SEO Keywords are the most important SEO element for every search engine, they are what search strings are matched against. Choosing the right keywords to optimize for is thus the first and most crucial step to a successful SEO campaign. Om Infomedia Solutions 5
  6. 6. Keyword Density After you have chosen the keywords that describe your site and are supposedly of interest to your users, the next step is to make your site keyword-rich and to have good keyword density for your target keywords. Keyword density although no longer a very important factor in SEO is a common measure of how relevant a page is. Om Infomedia Solutions 6
  7. 7. Keywords in Special Places Keywords are very important not only as quantitybut as quality as well – i.e. if you have morekeywords in the page title, the headings, thefirst paragraphs – this counts more that if youhave many keywords at the bottom of the page. Om Infomedia Solutions 7
  8. 8. Meta TagsMeta tags are used to summarize informationof a page for search engine crawlers. Thisinformation is not directly visible to humansvisiting your website. The most popular arethe meta keywords and description tag. Thesemeta tags to be inserted into the area ofyour page. Om Infomedia Solutions 8
  9. 9. Content Is King Search engines (and your readers) love freshcontent and providing them with regularlyupdated, relevant content is a recipe for success.Generally, when a site is frequently updated, thisincreases the probability that the spider willrevisit the site sooner. You cant take for surethat if you update your site daily, the spiderwill visit it even once a week but if you do notupdate your contents regularly, this willcertainly drop you to from the top of searchresults. Om Infomedia Solutions 9
  10. 10. Visual Extras and SEO Search engines have no means toindex directly extras like images, sounds,flash movies, JavaScript. Instead, theyrely on your to provide meaningful textualdescription and based on it they can indexthese files. In a sense, the situation issimilar to that with text 10 or so yearsago – you provide a description in the mettag and search engines uses thisdescription to index and process your page Om Infomedia Solutions 10
  11. 11. Short-term resultsYou should start to see a positive difference inweeks if not.• No need for aesthetic compromise Your site should maintain its glance distinctive and feel front, during and after optimization.• Integrate with your existing site The major part of the work of optimization will be in the slides, gained you ‘notification of it. Om Infomedia Solutions 11
  12. 12. Share of Search MarketAugust 2008 Om Infomedia Solutions 12
  13. 13. Organic Vs Paid Om Infomedia Solutions 13
  14. 14. Om Infomedia Solutions 14
  15. 15. Om Infomedia Solutions 15
  16. 16. Om Infomedia Solutions 16
  17. 17. Om Infomedia Solutions 17
  18. 18. Sagar Om Infomedia Solutions 18