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Fusion Talent and Compensation - Creating Successful Talent Management


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The combination of Fusion Compensation and Talent Management provides organizations with an effective set of tools for managing the talent in their organization. Come hear how these modules have been deployed for some of our customers to optimize their success.

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Fusion Talent and Compensation - Creating Successful Talent Management

  1. 1. Fusion Talent and Compensation – Creating Successful Talent Management Lila Ravve Inoapps
  2. 2. Talent Management • Where is the organization going? • What are overall organizational goals? • How can Talent and Comp support the overall goals?
  3. 3. Oracle Cloud - Talent Management • Performance Management • Goals Management • Talent Review • Succession Planning • Compensation Management
  4. 4. Performance Management • Mid Year Reviews • Annual Reviews • Development Plans
  5. 5. Goal Management • Define Goals for Incentive Compensation Plans • Define Goals for Performance Plans • Cascading Goals • Organizational • Departmental • Manager • Employees can share goals with others
  6. 6. Talent Review • Provides facility for conducting Talent Review discussions • Can dynamically move employees from one box to another as you discuss • Can drill into employees to review more details • Create final talent rating for talent • Determine plans for top talent as well as rest of staff
  7. 7. Succession Planning • Top Layers of Organization • Top three to start • Hard to maintain the lower you go in the organization • If someone leaves • Who are potential successors? • External vs. Internal Candidates • Talent Pools
  8. 8. Oracle Cloud – Talent Management • Employee Self Service • Provides a place for employees to define their goals: • Performance Goals • Career Goals • Personal Goals
  9. 9. Connecting the Pieces • Goal Management • Development Goals • Based on Career Path • Based on Personal Interests • Competencies • Improve those needed for current role • Build or improve those needed for Career Path goals • Performance Goals • How will the employee be evaluated for their annual review • Where do you want them to focus their time and effort?
  10. 10. Connecting the Pieces • Performance Management • Define Performance Goals • Bring in to Performance document • Use as part of performance evaluation • Social Network – Kudos • Bring in to Performance process to provide additional insight • Talent Review • Calibration of talent • Ratings in line with organizational scoring
  11. 11. Connecting the Pieces • Talent Review • Performance Ratings • Potential Rating • What is potential for this person? • What areas of the organization would best be served? • Talent Review Meetings • Evaluate Talent overall • Evaluate Talent by Leadership • Develop plans for Talent • Development Plans • Succession Plans
  12. 12. Connecting the Pieces • Succession Planning • Identify potential successors from goals and objectives defined by employees in their personal goal and development plans • Identify successors from Talent Review meetings • Who are top talent? • Who is ready for new challenges? • Individuals identified as successors should have Development Plans that will allow them to step in to roles within 2 – 3 years • Individuals identified as successors should have alternative career plans defined if blocked from moving up
  13. 13. Connecting the Pieces • Compensation • Retaining good talent involves compensating them appropriately for their efforts • Market surveys – are we compensating in line with our peers? • Organizational review – calibration - are we compensating in line with the organization? • Compensation plans should motivate and encourage the right behaviors and goals
  14. 14. Connecting the Pieces • Compensation • Can pull performance ratings in for use in Compensation planning • Can pull Talent Review ratings in for use in Compensation planning • Can pull Goal completion percentages in for use in Incentive Compensation allocations
  15. 15. Questions? • Thanks!