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  1. Energy use practices
  2. Outline • Common Unsustainable Agricultural Practices • Impacts • CSA Contribution – Productivity – Adaptability – Mitigation
  3. Common Unsustainable Agricultural Practices • Fossil fuel-based energy use in agricultural mechanization and irrigation water pumping • Fuel wood-based energy for household use • Inefficient use of energy in agricultural mechanization
  4. Impacts • Increased CO2 emission • Increased deforestation • Loss of biodiversity
  5. CSA Contribution Productivity Improving energy efficiency, reducing losses and increasing energy diversification by using renewable energy sources increase production.
  6. CSA Contribution Adaptation Reducing reliance on fossil energy and associated costs and adoption of biomass can result in increased time and income availability, which can be used to enhance resilience to climate change impacts.
  7. CSA Contribution Mitigation Bioenergy, solar energy, and other renewables such as hydro and geothermal energy can replace fossil fuels and other high emissions energy sources (e.g. wood and charcoal), and reduce CO2 emissions