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There are 3 types of people that may be interested in Organo Gold: a customer, someone who wants to get the product for free but not interested in earning income, and the business person. Knowing this is critical to your OG healthy coffee business and MLM network.

Join the fastest growing team in Los Angeles.

Armen Temuryan is the Organo Gold Los Angeles Team Leader and personally sponsored by Shane Moran Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor for Organo Gold International.

Organo Gold is a global gourmet coffee company that sells its products through a network of Independent Distributors. A Distributor's compensation is based on the sale of our products to consumers and rewards people for their commitment and success. Earnings by individual Distributors will of course vary, and our Distributors' earnings are in line with the industry average.

Organo Gold coffee is enjoyed by millions of customers because of the efforts of our individual Distributors, making the company one of the most successful in the industry.

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Organo Gold Los Angeles | Opportunity Presentation

  1. 1. Bringing the Treasures of The Earth... To The People of The World USA | English
  2. 2. The Right Business It’s Easy, It’s Simple, It’s Coffee * products shown may not currently be available in your country It’s Organo Gold!
  3. 3. Fast-Growing INDUSTRIES Internet Home-based Business Health & Wellness Coffee You can capitalize on all these industries at the same time.
  4. 4. Let’s Talk COFFEE Coffee is not a luxury... It’s a part of daily life. One of the world’s most consumed beverages. The world’s largest traded commodity, after oil. Approximately 1.6 billion cups are consumed each day. More than 80% of people over the age of 18 have consumed coffee. Specialty coffee sales are increasing by 20% per year. Millions pay up to $4 per cup and many drink 3-5 cups per day.
  5. 5. Timing of the Coffee Opportunity The Opportunity Countdown Starbucks®: The $5 Cup McDonald’s®: The Affordable McCafé Burger King®: The Iced Mocha Dunkin Donuts®: Changed logo from a donut to coffee Nestlé®: Introduce Nescafé to American market Subway®: Now includes coffee breakfast menu Starbucks® is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved. Nescafé® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. All Rights Reserved. McCafé® is a registered trademark of McDonald’s Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Iced Mocha® is a registered trademark of Burger King. All Rights Reserved. Dunkin Donuts® is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved. Subway® is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. The Coffee Opportunity Now you can offer millions of coffee drinkers a Better Coffee and Earn Money every time they drink it. What makes Organo Gold a better choice?
  7. 7. Exclusive and Powerful INGREDIENT Organically Grown Ganoderma lucidum More than 2,000 years of history, originally reserved for royalty. Regarded by the Chinese as the “Miraculous King of Herbs” and featured in both ancient and modern texts such as the American Herbal Pharmacopeia. Organo Gold’s Ganoderma-based products contain many natural compounds including beneficial anti-oxidants.
  8. 8. Building for the Future Organo Gold’s Ganoderma producer is recognized internationally for its patented cultivation and preparation method of the world’s leading brand of Certified Organic Ganoderma. Organo Gold and its partners celebrated the groundbreaking of their $240-million Gano Herb Industrial Park, one of the world’s largest Ganoderma facilities. Patent on Ganoderma Lucidum Products & Preparation Method (Patent Number ZL01101789.9)
  9. 9. OG Products PEOPLE LOVE WORLD’S LEADING BRAND OF GANODERMA-BASED PRODUCTS * Product availability may vary by country and region
  10. 10. The mission is humble, yet powerful: Visionary, Experienced LEADERSHIP Holton Buggs Executive Vice President for International Sales Bring the Treasures of the Earth to the People of the World. By introducing a “Better Coffee” and “Ganoderma” to the World. Bernie Chua CEO/Founder, Dedicated to your success. Shane Morand Global Master Distributor, Co-Founder
  11. 11. Think and GROW RICH Organo Gold is proud to have the first-ever exclusive, strategic collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and its renowned World Learning Center. This historic collaboration is celebrated with an exclusive Organo Gold edition of the reputed millionaire-maker’s best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich”.
  12. 12. Start Earning MONEY TODAY 7 Ways to get paid when you share the ORGANO GOLD Product Line and Income Opportunity
  13. 13. Daily Retail SALES Earn at minimum 50% Retail Profit As an Organo Gold Independent Distributor, you can sell products to Retail Customers personally or through your Organo Gold Personalized Replicating Website. Find Potential Retail Customers • Coffee and Jazz Mixers • Salons and Spas • Gyms & Health Centers • Schools (Once an event form has been submitted & approved.) • Special Events (Once an event form has been submitted & approved.) • Person-to-Person • Buy Wholesale • Sell Retail • Keep Retail Profits
  14. 14. Fast-Track BONUS Make Money Weekly Earn a Fast-Track Bonus every time you sell a Promotional Builder Pack to your Personally Sponsored Distributors to start their Organo Gold Business. Promotional Builder Pack Fast-Track Bonuses Earn up to $150 for every Promotional Builder Pack sold.
  15. 15. The Power of THE DUAL TEAM Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Coffee Drinkers 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1,024 2,048 4,096 You Dual Team 4,096 People x 50 CV (Commissionable Volume) 204,800 CV x 20% Dual Team Commission YOU DO THE MATH! * Must be Dual Team qualified to earn Dual Team commissions.
  16. 16. Dual Team BONUS Start earning bonuses with only two people enrolled. One on your LEFT SIDE and one on your RIGHT SIDE. You Dual Team Marketing Associate Consultant Sapphire Consultant Ruby Consultant Emerald Consultant Diamond Consultant 10% Up to $500 weekly Supervisor 10% Up to $1,000 weekly 15% Up to $1,500 weekly 20% Up to $5,000 weekly 20% Up to $10,000 weekly 20% Up to $15,000 weekly 20% Up to $20,000 weekly * Organo Gold will pay up to 50% of commissionable volume. * The weekly maximum payout is shown in US Dollars. * These amounts will vary based on your local currency. * Earnings Disclaimer: Earnings are hypothetically offered to show how the compensation plan works and are not earning representations or guarantees. Actual income will depend on the amount of time and effort an individual devotes to their business. A typical participant in the Organo Gold compensation plan earns between $0-$599 per annum. For more detail please visit
  17. 17. More Ways to EARN MONEY 4. Uni-level Bonus–Monthly This is the heart of Your Lifetime Residual Income! Earn residual Uni-level commissions from product re-orders generated in your organization up to nine levels deep. 5. Uni-level Matching Bonus–Monthly 6. Generational (Leadership) Bonus–Monthly 7. Global Pool–Quarterly * To earn above bonuses, there are certain qualifications you must meet. Refer to the full compensation plan document for details. You 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 5% 5% 5% 4% 4% 3% 3% 2% 1%
  18. 18. Qualify 2 consecutive months to receive your OG Benz Club bonus payment · Sapphire......... $400 per month * · Ruby............... $600 per month * · Emerald.......... $800 per month * · Diamond......... $1000 per month * · Black Diamond and above $3000 per month towards the purchase or lease of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other approved elite vehicle. * towards the purchase or lease of a black Mercedes-Benz
  19. 19. This is how you can get your Mercedes-Benz 1. Download, print, and sign the OG Benz Club Guidelines, Terms and Conditions Form from your Back Office. 2. Submit this along with a proof of possession for the vehicle (current registration and insurance certificate) 3. Upon verification of your qualifications, Organo Gold will pay you the appropriate bonus following a monthly commission cycle. 4. E-mail a high-resolution photograph (not taken with a mobile phone) of you with your Mercedes-Benz to benzclub@organo Photograph must clearly show distributor’s full body, a full view of the car, and the Organo Gold car decal affixed to the vehicle. Include your distributor ID in the subject line. Terms & Conditions apply
  20. 20. “The Number 1 Lifestyle in the World Just Got Better .” Elite Car Program
  21. 21. How To Get Started 1) Join by registering as an Organo Gold Independent Distributor by purchasing a Business Entry Kit 2) Included in the Business Entry Kit is a free Access for 90 days to your BackOffice and your Pro Replicated Website. $49.95 Business Entry Kit Organo Gold Distributor Personalized Replicating Website page and Business Entry Kit shown. Actual business tools may change from time to time.
  22. 22. How To Get Started 3) Distributor Binder 4) Brochures and Applications 5) Variety of Samples of Coffee 6) Access to Wholesale Purchases
  23. 23. Bronze Select From 3 Promotional Builder Packs Bronze Pack $150 Bronze Pack *Beverage Pack shown Pack contents may vary.
  24. 24. Silver Silver Pack $450 Silver Pack Pack contents may vary.
  25. 25. Gold GOLD PACK $1,245 Gold Pack Pack contents may vary.
  26. 26. Our Mission To become the most admired corporation in the world. Our Target To capture 1% of the world’s market of coffee drinkers. This represents an estimated $662 million dollars per month in coffee sales. With Organo Gold’s 50% payout, this could represent a potential for $331 million dollars per month in distributed commissions with our Team Members. You are invited to join our Worldwide OG Family and Share our Success. * Earnings Disclaimer: Earnings are hypothetically offered to show how the compensation plan works and are not earning representations or guarantees. Actual income will depend on the amount of time and effort an individual devotes to their business. A typical participant in the Organo Gold compensation plan earns between $0-$599 per annum. For more detail please visit
  27. 27. Steps to SUCCESS 1. Be a Product of the Product • Set yourself on the proper Autoship (if applicable) • Purchase 2 Boxes of Coffee (Black & Latte) 2. Build a List of Contacts • 50 Coffee Drinkers • 50 Business Builders • Learn the 4 Questions • et 10 Retail Coffee Customers G using the Script 3. Book Four Coffee Jazz Mixers • At your home or office 4. lug into a Proven Success P System • 18-Month Commitment • Weekly CJMs • Business Leadership events • Opportunity Training Calls
  28. 28. The QUESTIONS 1. you or anyone you know Do drink coffee or tea at least occasionally? 2. How do you drink your coffee? (black or with cream and sugar) 3. What’s your favorite brand? 4. When was the last time (name of company) paid you for drinking or recommending their coffee?
  29. 29. The Next STEPS Show them a sample and say: “This is the coffee that Pays.” Before giving them a sample, say: “I would like to give you a sample and I will follow up after you drink the coffee to get two pieces of information from you: How did you like the taste? How did it make you feel?” After giving them the sample, say: “What is the best time to call you so you can tell me how you liked it? In the morning or afternoon?”
  30. 30. Quick-Start Retail Customer SCRIPT “Hello, ______________ (name).” Small talk for a few moments, then get to the purpose of the call (to sell COFFEE). “I NEED YOUR HELP, ___________ (name). I just started my own coffee business, and I launched it with three flavors of Coffee - Black, Latte and Mocha.” “I would like for you to become one of my favorite customers by buying a box or two of coffee from me.” “Before you say yes, I will show you how to get it at wholesale and, if you don’t like it I will never ask you to buy from me again.” “Can I count on your support by buying one or two boxes from me?”
  31. 31. Are You Ready to Be the Next OG Coffee Millionaire? ©2013 Organo Gold All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from Organo Gold is strictly prohibited. This publication does not reflect typical earnings. Actual income will depend on skill and the amount of time and effort an individual devotes to his or her business. Organo Gold does not guarantee that an individual who signs up as an Independent Distributor will earn the incomes referenced or implied in this publication.
  32. 32. Printed in Canada USENG20130103