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Helicopter leadership


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It is import to work ‘in’ and ‘on’ different areas of your life. This will help you to provide more value to yourself, others and your business.

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Helicopter leadership

  1. 1. Helicopter Leadership
  2. 2. Intent of session • Provide an understanding around the concept of Helicopter leadership and the differences between working ‘in’ and ‘on’ different areas of your life • Give clarity as to what the different levels could be and how they benefit yourself, others and your business • Create a desire to schedule an appropriate amount of time for working at each level – consciously • Start the process of breaking your old habits and forming new ones – assuming this is what you want to do…
  3. 3. What are the different levels • Ground level (Front line) – Deep dive (The devils in the detail) – Investigating a specific issue, Support a specific improvement activity, Completing a DILO, Getting into the ‘nitty gritty’ of the day to day work of your team, technicians and operators, auditing / observing deep in organisation • 1,000ft Cruising altitude (Operational) - In the business – completing your ‘normal’ day to day activities. Leading, Inspiring, setting direction, insisting values are upheld, Coaching, 1-1’s, Audits, meetings and reviews. • 10,000ft (Strategic) – On the business – rising above the street noise, taking a global view, learning from the past, business planning for the future, setting strategy, deciding on long term projects, reviewing and reflecting on progress against business targets, creating paradigm shifts • Back at base (Refuelling) – Working on self / Sharpening the saw – completing self development, receiving coaching, personal reflection time, setting own personal goals, exercise, meditating, learning something new, growing
  4. 4. Benefits of working ‘altitude’ to different parties Business Others Me Ground level – Front line Fully understand and resolve an ongoing issue, dealing with it first hand. Show and set an example by leading from there. Make deep connection with people on different level. Inspired through having example set. Feel like what they do matters and help is available Keeps variety in what you do. Get to understand what really happens layers beneath your normal involvement. Experience area of business never fully explored. 1,000ft – normal cruising altitude Operational Day to day tasks get completed. Business runs effectively with best team to complete role Individuals receive coaching, 1-1’s and feedback. Individuals are supported, challenged and held to account In the world of ‘known’ – providing a feeling of certainty. Feels good at doing what you know you can do. Achieving, delivering. 10,000ft – high level view Strategic Long range plans area made and reviewed. Able to provide direction and clarity even with the day to day noise going on. Ensures activities are appropriately prioritised. Helps team understand business direction and goals. Keeps people on track towards common goal. Helps people understand how they contribute to something bigger (worthwhile) Keeps perspective. Provides a feeling of autonomy. Provides a feeling of worthwhile work – contributing to something bigger Back at base - refuelling Always operate with focus and clarity. Illness significantly reduced. Getting the most out of the individual Better to be with, more likely to care and look after others. Promote and set example to others Healthier, Live longer, Growing feels good. Keeps perspective, moves towards being more self sourced. Enjoy (love) work even more
  5. 5. How much time should we spend at different levels……. Senior manager Middle manager Junior manager Ground level – Front line 5-15% 15-25% 20-30% 1,000ft – normal cruising altitude Operational 60% 60% 55% 10,000ft – high level view Strategic 5-15% 5-10% 0-10% Back at base - refuelling 10-15% 10-15% 10-15%
  6. 6. What if? - What’s the point? • You are more likely to meet your ‘human needs’ • You will be more effective in your day to day and in the direction you lead others • You will be more valuable in your role, providing more value to yourself, others and your business • Work and life will be more fulfilling – enjoy work