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Being happy


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How about some tips? From your fingers :)
Or from your psychologists at Tauranga

Published in: Healthcare
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Being happy

  1. 1. Being happy with all your fingers
  2. 2. The "pinky finger", where friends are, those we share adventure with, laugh and recharge our batteries
  3. 3. The "Ring finger", symbolizing work: where with commitment and enthusiasm we contribute to a greater good and we know that we make a difference.
  4. 4. The "father of all" – the middle finger - who cares about us! The balance in quality and time at work, with family, having relaxed moments, doing exercise and eating healthy.
  5. 5. The “Hole in the Cake“ – index finger - to break through generations With partners, children, parents and grandparents, we share successes, sorrows, love or simply an ice cream. cc: Patr!c!a -
  6. 6. The "pest killer“ – thumb - which we use to satisfy our curiosity, our desire for learning and for constant development. cc: Great Beyond -
  7. 7. Be happy! cc: Adalberto Gonzaga -