OFFSHC Annual Report 2011


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This report describes how the OFFSHC functions, the meetings held and membership of the council. Goals accomplished in 2011 and projected for 2012 are also included.

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OFFSHC Annual Report 2011

  1. 1. Field Federal Safety and Health Councils (FFSHCs) Annual Report Guidelines for Calendar Year 2011INSTRUCTIONSFollowing are guidelines for developing the FFSHC’s required annual report to theDepartment of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), forCalendar Year 2011. Be sure to respond to all questions and requests for information.The FFSHC’s report will be used to assess the overall effectiveness of the council incarrying out its primary functions as set forth in 29 CFR 1960.87, and in achieving thecouncil’s primary objective to facilitate the exchange of safety and health informationamong local Federal agency personnel. If you have any questions regarding theseinstructions or need further assistance, please contact your OSHA Regional FederalAgency Program Officer (FAPO).Oklahoma Field Federal Safety and Health Council is the name of our Field Federal Safety andHealth CouncilI. Functions of the FFSHC. Describe how the following functions of the FFSHC were addressed during Calendar Year 2011. As part of this response, describe what worked particularly well, in addition to any shortcomings the FFSHC experienced and the specific steps taken to overcome them. A. Describe how the FFSHC served as a clearinghouse for safety and health information, including data on occupational accidents, injuries and illnesses, and their prevention. The council meets the first Thursday of the month. We have scheduled topics pertaining to: 29 CFR 1960 Field Federal Safety councils, Traffic safety, national weather station weather radars, the NEXRAD network and its scope and impact on nations, Automatic External Defibrillators, Office of Workers Compensation Act procedures, OSHA inspections process, VPP programs establishment and benefits, , Fall Protection, Safety and Health college degrees for human resources and Motor vehicle safety, Field trips to: FAA, NOAA/NWS, Air National Guard and the Federal Bureau of Prisons to become more familiar with their agencies’ scope and purposes. B. List any meetings, training, and other educational activities held by the FFSHC during Calendar Year 2011 that provided technical advice and occupational safety and health information. Please use the following format: MEETINGS, TRAINING, & OTHER EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES HELD BY FFSHC # of Federal Agency # of Different Employees in Federal Agencies Date Attendance Present Subject of Meeting/Training/Activity 1
  2. 2. September 16 10 Preliminary Meeting to nominate board 2011 members and terms, determine the frequency of meetings and name the council. October 14 8 20 CFR 1960 and the Articles 2011 presentation by OSHA Federal Agency Programs Officer, Region VI office November 24 7 Tour of facility and Safety Committees 2011 efforts and slips, trips and falls during cold weather presentations at the FAA MMAC December 17 8 College degrees offered in Safety and 2011 Health C. Describe how the FFSHC promoted the coordination, cooperation, and sharing of resources and expertise to aid agencies with inadequate or limited resources. All the agencies in the state are being contacted by phone to invite them to the meetings and provide them with information on the presentations. We have SKYPE capabilities to bring others into the meeting. Numerous individuals either lunch together after the meetings or continue to discuss common areas of interest or concern relating to Safety and Health topics after the meetings. Networking between agency members allows collaboration and sharing of similar experiences. D. Describe how the FFSHC provided information on administrative and technical aspects of safety and health programs to Federal Executive Boards (FEBs), Federal Executive Associations (FEAs), labor union organizations, and other Federal employee representatives. Each month the FEB is provide information about the meeting to include with their newsletter. The agencies have notified their respective labor union organizations of the Council meetings and have encouraged attendance. E. Describe how the FFSHC evaluated safety and health problems particular to local conditions and facilitated solutions through council activities. Traffic safety presentation addressed the need for motorcycle helmet laws in the state as well as all types of distracted driving. OSHA representative suggested we contact our representative to support the legislation.II. Membership. 2
  3. 3. A. Coverage. 1. Provide a list of Federal agency installations that have officially appointed representatives to the FFSHC. For each installation list the: 1) number of officially appointed management representatives, and 2) number of officially appointed non-management representatives. Please use the following format: At this time we have no agencies that have “officially” appointed personnel although we have many of the same personnel attending the meetings that been told by their management to represent their agency.FFSHC OFFICIALLY APPOINTED FEDERAL AGENCY REPRESENTATIVE LIST # of Appointed # of Appointed Management Non-management Federal Agency Installation Representatives Representatives 2. If available, provide a list of the local Federal agency installations that have not officially appointed representatives to the FFSHC, but have permitted employees to attend meetings and activities. Please use the following format: NON-APPOINTED FEDERAL AGENCY PARTICIPANTS Approx. # of Agency Participants Federal Agency Management Non-Management U.S. Department of Energy, Southwestern Power 1 Administration U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation 2 Administration/Transportation Safety Institute U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and 3 1Atmospheric Administration/ NEXRAD Radar Operations Center U.S. Department of Justice, OK Bureau of Prisons, 3 2U.D. Department of Defense, Air National Guard/ Civilian 2 Air Force Department of Labor, OSHA / Wage and Hour 3 1 U.S. Postal Service 3 U.S. Department of Agriculture 2 1 U.S. Small Business Administration 1 3
  4. 4. 3. Provide a list of the non-Federal organizations that are represented by associate members. Please use the format below: NON-FEDERAL ASSOCIATE MEMBER LIST # of Associate Organization MembersB. Efforts to Increase Membership and Participation. 1. Describe what the FFSHC did to encourage local non-participating Federal agency installations to join. Also, explain how the FFSHC persuaded participating agencies to officially appoint member representatives. Contacts are being made with Oklahoma Federal agencies to get their email addresses in order for their representative to receive our meeting minutes and to offer a personal invitation to attend the meetings and to bring others that may be interested. Council representatives have attended meetings and issued invites to organizations such as American Society of Safety Engineers. 2. List the Federal agencies that appointed new representatives to the FFSHC in Calendar Year 2011, using the format provided below: CY 2011 NEW FEDERAL AGENCY REPRESENTATIVES # of Newly Appointed # of Newly Appointed Management Non-Management Federal Agency Installation Representatives Representatives 3. Describe how the FFSHC encouraged appointed Federal agency representatives to participate more actively in council activities. Meeting notices reminders will be sent out prior to sending out the meeting minutes that will also have meeting notices. 4
  5. 5. 4. Describe any challenges the FFSHC encountered while trying to increase active participation by officially appointed representatives. Time and travel constraints are a continuing challenge. Finding a meeting room that we could secure for the year was becoming a challenge. We have now been able to use the meeting room at FAA and the room has been reserved for our meetings for rest of the year with one exception the Bureau of Prisons will host the August meeting in El Reno. C. Associate Membership. Describe how associate members were involved in FFSHC activities during Calendar Year 2011. We have had no associate member attend.III. Organization and Management. A. Executive Committee. 1. Provide a list of Calendar Year 2011 Executive Committee members including the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, the immediate past Chairperson (if he/she was still available), and chairpersons of the Membership, Program, and Finance committees (or persons designated responsibility in these areas). Please include the Federal agency with which they are employed, in the format that follows: CY 2011 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE LIST Executive Committee Position Federal Agency Installation Chair: Darlene Low U.S. Department of Energy – Southwestern Power Administration Vice-Chair: Stephanie Schroeder U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration – Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Secretary : Don Terrell U.S. Department of Justice, Oklahoma Bureau of Prisons Membership Committee Chair None at this time (or person designated responsibility) Program Committee Chair Each attendee was asked to pick a month that they would voluntarily (or person designated present a topic and speaker responsibility) Finance Committee Chair None at this time (or person designated responsibility) Other (please specify) 5
  6. 6. 2. Are officer elections held on an annual or biennial basis? Annual 3. What was the date of the FFSHC’s last officers’ election? 4. September 2011 5. Provide the date and purpose of each Executive Committee meeting held in Calendar Year 2011, using the following format: The Executive Committee has not had a meeting to date. We have scheduled a meeting for March 2012 to discuss the annual report and how we can improve effectiveness and increase membership. CY 2011 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETINGS Date PurposeB. Calendar Year 2011 Goals. 1. List goals the FFSHC established for Calendar Year 2011 and describe how each of them was achieved. Goal was to have a preliminary meeting to nominate board members and their terms, determine frequency of meetings and name the council. We also had a goal of getting the council chartered and to schedule meaningful presentations. All goals have been achieved including the signing of the charter on December 2011. The presentations that attendees have enthusiastically provided continue to be well received. 2. Describe any challenges encountered by the FFSHC in accomplishing these goals. We would like to have more training presentation. It is difficult to find speakers that do not charge.C. FFSHC Activity Support. 1. List Calendar Year 2011 FFSHC activities and a summary of the OSHA resources received in support of these activities. Describe how any approved funds were used. Also, describe any non-financial support the FFSHC received from the OSHA Area, Regional, and/or National Offices. 6
  7. 7. Robin Bonville, OSHA Region VI and David Bates, OSHA Oklahoma support our council with information, by making presentations and by attending the meetings. 2. List the Federal agencies that provided significant support for the FFSHCs activities during Calendar Year 2011 and briefly describe the types and levels of support. The FEB has been very responsive to include our meeting notice with theirs. However, their notice is sent on the day of our meeting. Southwestern Power Administration allowed the installation of SKYPE software to encourage individuals to virtually attend the meetings without incurring travel costs. D. FFSHC Future Planning. 1. List the FFSHC’s goals for Calendar Year 2012. Increase membership, provide training course at no cost to council or members. 2. List the proposed dates and short summaries of proposed projects and activities identified by the FFSHC’s Executive Committee for Calendar Year 2012. Continue to provide the FEB with the meeting notices to include in their newsletter – Monthly 2012 Discuss the possibility of a web page – March, 2012 Discuss agencies appointing representatives to the council – March 2012 Discuss the possibility of a council conference meeting with speakers - March 2012 3. Provide a copy of the FFSHC’s estimated budget and other projected resource needs for Calendar Year 2012. Identify planned source(s). The council has been advised that there is no financial support from OSHA and the council cannot charge for events. 4. Provide FFSHC officer names, titles, addresses, phone and fax numbers and email addresses for individuals who will serve in Calendar Year 2012. Please provide this information using the following format: CY 2012 EXCEUTIVE COMMITTEE LIST*ChairName: Darlene LowFederal Agency/Subagency: U.S. Department of Energy, Southwestern Power AdministrationMailing Address: One West Third Street, Suite 1600, Tulsa, OK 74103 7
  8. 8. Work Phone & Fax: 918-595-6750 Fax: 918-595-6656 Work Email: Vice-Chair Name: Stephanie Schroeder Federal Agency/Subagency: Federal Aviation Administration, MMAC Mailing Address: 6500 S. MacArthur Blvd, OKC, OK 73169 Work Phone & Fax: 405-954-0371 Work Secretary Name: Don Terrell Federal Agency/Subagency: Bureau of Prisons, Oklahoma Federal Bureau of Prisons Mailing Address: El Reno, OK Work Phone & Fax: Work Membership Committee Chair (or person designated responsibility) Name: Federal Agency/Subagency: Mailing Address: Work Phone & Fax: Work Email: Program Committee Chair (or person designated responsibility) Name: Federal Agency/Subagency: Mailing Address: Work Phone & Fax: Work Email: Finance Committee Chair (or person designated responsibility) Name: Federal Agency/Subagency: Mailing Address: Work Phone & Fax: Work Email: Other (please specify) Name: Federal Agency/Subagency: Mailing Address: Work Phone & Fax: Work Email:* Individuals are permitted to hold multiple Committee Chair positions. However, the Chair, Vice-Chair, andSecretary positions must be held by different individuals.Submit any comments and suggestions you have concerning the FFSHC’s operations and/orthese reporting guidelines. 8