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Presentation for ALT SIG 18 June 2015


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Update on the Opening Educational Practices in Scotland Project for the ALT SIG community

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Presentation for ALT SIG 18 June 2015

  1. 1. Opening Educational Practices in Scotland Opening Educational Practices in Scotland (OEPS): update for ALT SIG 18 June 2015
  2. 2. The project Cross-sector project in Scotland tasked to increase the awareness and use of OER. Led by OU in Scotland as part of its outcome agreement with the Scottish Funding Council. Currently working with around 50 organisations …
  3. 3. Origins An extensive range of partnerships between the OU in Scotland and other organisations: third sector, unions, employers, colleges and schools. An increase in interest in OER and the development of some partnerships to co-produce new material and practices. Adults, transitions and widening participation.
  4. 4. Focusing on Practice Practice is about design, structure and support But also about partnership, networks and social models of learning
  5. 5. Project activities •Discussion with partners and potential partners – approx 50 •Workshops oLearning Design aimed at developing practice o‘Open Learning Champions’ oA range of open practice topics •Presentations at conferences and seminars •Advisory forums •Developing exemplar OER with associated practice •Supporting development and piloting of badges in WP contexts •Developing hub for open educational practice •Embedded evaluation and research •Reports and papers
  6. 6. Emerging Themes • Partnership • High levels of interest outside the education sector • Extending learning design and practice to include the use of materials in social settings – importance of peer support • Links between digital participation and open education • Value of working with partners who are embedded in their own well established networks • The opportunities that are created by working with partners where individuals play intermediary or facilitating roles with fellow workers, clients … • The online hub is being designed to support learning communities – not another repository
  7. 7. Hub for open educational practice •Designed to support intermediaries – ‘gatekeepers’ •Generic level – search, short course, events, support and guidance on OEP and creating OER/P •Community level – multiple communities of practice. Tools, events, search, context based support and guidance – and critically a forum for sharing good practice and asking questions (examples – Scottish Union Learning Reps, Carers, practitioners in health education specialisms, co-ops, poverty and welfare)
  8. 8. Open Badges • Currently 5 badges created under the umbrella of OEPS and being used at scale • More in the pipeline – discussion with SQA • New Badged Online Access Courses
  9. 9. Next few months •One year report •More on digital participation / digital literacy and the intersection with open education and widening participation •Launch of the online hub (summer 2015) •Launch of exemplar OERs (end 2015) •Evidence gathering / analytics – particular of impact of practice based interventions and the use of badges •Final year – improved tools for OpenLearnWorks – to enable greater use of reversioning
  10. 10. Contact Us: Email: Social media: @OEPScotland