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Infographic: Awareness of OER and OEP in HE institutions Scotland


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The Open Educational Practices in Scotland (OEPS) Project conducted a survey to find out about the level of awareness of open educational resources (OER) and open educational practices (OEP) among HE institutions in Scotland. In total 235 valid responses were collected in a five-week period from 19th October 2015 to 23rd November 2015. This infographic highlights some of the findings. If you are interested in reading the full interim report, please visit

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Infographic: Awareness of OER and OEP in HE institutions Scotland

  1. 1. Awareness of open educational resources in HE in Scotland How aware are you of open educational resources (OER)? from an online survey of 235 educators in 15 Higher Education institutions, conducted Nov 2015 How aware are you of...? I am not aware of OER I have heard of OER but don't know much about them I am aware of OER Public DomainCopyright Creative Commons When selecting teaching resources, how important are these factors? Do you share your teaching materials? Through institution's VLE Via email In person Publicly online I don't share "I'm prepared to use material that is not "perfect" providing that it can be adapted to suit my particular circumstances" "I tend to share the resources I've created myself" Which types of OER have you used? Are you aware of OER used by students? Yes No Do you encourage students to use OER? Yes No "If they need to develop some skills that are not adequately taught or addressed in the course that I teach" For which purposes have you used OER? Which of these do you consider a barrier to the adoption of OER? Full report available at "There's no support for learners who need it, and this can create frustrations & put up further barriers to learning" "Institutional steer on this would help!"