OEDN 2011 Sponsor Program


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OEDN 2011 Sponsor Program

  1. 1. OEDN Sponsor Program 2011 Sponsor Presentation 1.0 •Reaching out •Building bridges •Delivering results
  2. 2. OEDN Platinum Sponsors
  3. 3. OEDN In-Kind Sponsors
  4. 4. Mission Founded in 2007, the mission of the OCAP/EBIF Developer Network (OEDN) community is to drive awareness of and application development efforts using the two primary interactive cable television open standards for middleware: OCAP (known to consumers as tru2way) and EBIF. Through its partnership with universities, interactive media companies, and its developer community, OEDN aims to broadly socialize the advantages of developing interactive apps for digital cable and to bring a new generation of software development talent to the cable industry.
  5. 5. OEDN has cultivated relationships with cable operators, tools developers, standards organizations and universities. Each developer’s objectives and challenges are unique, so OEDN has crafted a dynamic social network environment that lowers the barriers to entry for ITV—in both cost & complexity Function BY Maximizing information shared broadly “How do I learn about ITV/EBIF/T2W-OCAP on digital cable?” Providing access to resources “Where can I find developer tools and test my app?” Building a framework for learning, interaction & community on oedn.net
  6. 6. Ball State University Center for Media Design, 2010 OEDN University Partners Academic Partnerships “Our role as an intermediary is to get students excited about the potential of digital cable, show them the paths to development, testing and deployment – and connect them with the resources necessary to build a career path. That has been our charter and remains our focus going forward.” Will Kreth -Sr. Director of Advanced Video Strategy, Time Warner NYU ITP TISCH School of the Arts 2009, 2010
  7. 7. OEDN University Partners 2010—a major milestone year for our Academic Partnerships “Unique among the nation’s universities, this capability will allow us to take concepts from whiteboards through authoring and consumer research to a state of market readiness.” Mike Bloxham, BSU’s Center for Media Design Director In-Kind Sponsor S&T Installs Initial E2E ITV Headend-Less Configuration at Ball State University, September 2010
  8. 8. Academic ITV Localized Software Development Capability “We are pleased to contribute the Ensequence Create™ authoring product to the OEDN AISDK for Ball State. By putting our products in the hands of students, we are helping to provide access for up-and-coming interactive television developers.” -Aslam Khader Chief Product Officer, Ensequence In-Kind Sponsors “S&T values the creative research activities of OEDN and its contribution to the cable television industry, and we are pleased that with the donation of our TSBroadcaster and engineering support, we are providing the next generation of technologists with access to the best tools available.” -David Cutts Managing Director, S&T
  9. 9. Multiple Support Forums & Social Media Discussion Groups Localized Network - Component Vendors Authoring Tools OEDN & In-Kind Sponsor Supported Localized Development Environment Create & Build: Run & Test: Forums - Information & Support: Apps Development Cycle
  10. 10. Online Presence OEDN Online Average Time on site: 5min, 9sec. (via Alexa.com) 5 Sites link into OEDN.net including: Java.net, ITVT and CTAM
  11. 11. EBIF UA Specs EBIF User Agent Specifications In 2008, OEDN was the first developer website to publish all the known specifications for EBIF User Agents (developed for digital cable) in one place  In 2011, OEDN will publish each vendor’s technical details on the cable industry’s newest EBIF specifications—I06.
  12. 12. ITV Applications & Tutorials Sample ITV Apps OEDN is proud to host a free Tru2Way / OCAP application—a simple stop watch app. This Java app is a utility for developers. In addition, OEDN received three EBIF tutorials from Luxoft in 2010. The posted tutorials include sample application code and links to source code downloads. • Dynamic Content in EBIF Applications Using Two-Way Communications • Complete EBIF Application Example Using Two-Way Communication • Insert Characters Into Text Fields Using the Remote Control in EBIF Application
  13. 13. Academic Quick Start Guide In May, 2010, OEDN published an academic software kit Quick Start Guide, offered as a free PDF download from oedn.net. OEDN’s Academic ITV Software Development Kit-(AISDK) is comprised of a framework for EBIF application development & testing against industry standard tools.Sample ‘Hello World’ EBIF application
  14. 14. Test Cases Test Case Support Critical to Developers Based on CableLabs’ “Well-Behaved Application Guidelines” and written by ITV experts – OEDN Test Cases can help developers put their applications through a variety of testing scenarios, reducing the chances for finding bugs later.
  15. 15. Social Media Activity > Community Incubation & Development > Marketing, Social Media & Brand Strategy > Content Development & SEO > Metrics, Tracking and Reporting > Video Production and Multi-Platform Distribution > Viewer Engagement and Membership Strategy > Social Network Site Integration Community Strategy oedn.net …………..603 registered users Twitter ……………..979 followers LinkedIn……………495 members Facebook ………….367 members
  16. 16. Marketing Targeted Ad Campaigns Targeted Facebook ad for oedn
  17. 17. 2010 Accomplishments 02/2010 NYU Twitter Proof-of- Concept App 03/2010 TVOT (TV of Tomorrow) Show - SF 04/2010 BSU C-SPAN App Prototype - Complete 05/2010 OEDN Academic Software Kit Quick Start Guide Published/ C-SPAN App demo’d at NCTA Cable Show 2010, Los Angeles 09/2010 S&T and additional In-Kind Sponsors’ Components installed in BSU Test Lab for student app development OEDN, University & Sponsor Partners
  18. 18. Ball State University Installation Accomplishment BALL STATE INSTALLATION: SUCCESS! S&T on-site of BSU campus performing installation S&T & BSU Announce acceptance testing completed August 2010: EQUIPMENT STAGING S&T readies & stages equipment for shipping to Muncie, IN ADB & Zodiac contribute free developer STB and EBIF UA July 2010: PLANNING S&T specifies all critical components Addresses Requirements to support local EBIF testing
  19. 19. Events TV of Tomorrow Show 2010 OEDN was a partner sponsor of the TV of Tomorrow Show in March, 2010. At the show, we hosted a panel on “Academic Outreach: Planting Seeds for the Future of Interactive TV App Concept and Design.”
  20. 20. Events We were pleased to host an exhibit at the NCTA Cable Show 2010 in Los Angeles from May 11-13. We had a kiosk in the CableNET pavilion of the show floor. OEDN was proud to demo the prototype C-SPAN EBIF application from Ball State University at the OEDN kiosk. NCTA’s The Cable Show 2010
  21. 21. Sponsor Testimonials “OEDN represents a collaborative effort to broadly socialize what it takes to build applications for ITV. We are pleased to participate in this important endeavor.” -Rich Neill, SVP of Software Technology, Cablevision Systems “Greater knowledge about development environments for innovative interactive TV applications is the first step toward ubiquity, and Charter is pleased to be part of this effort to stimulate interactive television app development.” -Doug Ike, VP of Advanced Video Engineering, Charter Communications Platinum Sponsors Speak Out
  22. 22. Goals for 2011-2013 2011 Second University installation of localized Dev & Test capability 2012 Additional Universities outfitted by In-Kind Sponsors for localized Dev & Test capabilities Recruit Graduate Students to work in ETV programs within MSOs 2013 Sponsor Research Projects with top OEDN schools around X-Platform apps, User Experience, Social TV and Advanced Advertising apps OEDN Three Year Plan