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Tolstrup copenhagen adaptation plan


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Expert Workshop on Adaptation Financing and Implementation, Putting Priorities into Practice in OECD Countries, Paris, 18-19 June, 2014

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Tolstrup copenhagen adaptation plan

  1. 1. Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan
  2. 2. Main challenges Heavy Rain Flooding from the sea
  3. 3. Reality og Model
  4. 4. ”Reality check”
  5. 5. Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan
  8. 8. Principles of catchment analysis
  9. 9. CONTENTS OF THE IMPLEMENTATION PLAN – Break down of water catchments into projects – Investment statement – Prioritisation of projects – Time-schedule – Communication
  10. 10. 10.18 1.20 3.51 2.20 0.97 2.30 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 12.00 Samlede investeringer Privat sikring mod oversvømmelser Klimatilpasning takstmidler (hverdagsregn) Skybrudstiltag takstmidler Kommunal andel (skybrud og klimatilpasning) Kystsikring/hav Samlede investeringer
  11. 11. cost 7,8 mia. kr. Reduced damage 13,7 mia. kr. Netto ”gains” 5,9. mia. kr. Cost and benefits Rain
  12. 12. Cost and benefits Storm surge Udgifter til tiltag 2,3 mia. kr. Reduced damage 19,9 mia. kr. Netto ”gains” 17,6mia. kr.
  13. 13. INVESTMENT STATEMENT • Recalculation of the construction costs • Cloudburst solution typologies • Socio-economic figures – as part of the wider picture of the investment costs • Synergies with other projects
  14. 14. INVESTMENT STATEMENT – Sensitivity analysis and new risk assessment – The economics of the solutions for climate adaptation divided into • The portion of a climate adaptation project that can be managed and owned by the utility companies in the usual way – the traditional sewer solution. • The portion of a climate adaptation project owned and paid for by the municipality but funded through reimbursement from the utility company: Joint climate adaptation project reimbursed by HOFOR the joint climate adaptation project. • The portion of a climate adaptation project paid for by the municipality that adapts the surface solution to the urban space: Municipal portion of climate adaptation project for urban-space improvement - urban space – Socioeconomic effects of the investments in the climate adaptation of Copenhagen – Choice of and prioritised sequence of climate adaptation projects – Innovation strategy
  15. 15. INVESTMENT STATEMENT - RECALCULATION OF COSTS • In order to reduce the overall estimated costs we are currently recalculating the total costs • Limited number of reference projects make the present estimates very uncertain • Differences in standards – from de luxe solutions to more basic.
  16. 16. INVESTMENT STATEMENT - CLOUDBURST TYPOLOGIES • By reducing complexity we aim to reduce the construction costs • A number of different types of solutions - typologies will make implementation more cost effective • Of course with possibilities for local variations
  17. 17. INVESTMENT STATEMENT - SOCIO- ECONOMIC DATA • Cost of investments • Value of estimated damages • Value of ”green solutions” • Saved investments in expanding the present sewer system • Other aspects (waste water treatment plant)
  18. 18. INVESTMENT STATEMENT - SYNERGIES WITH OTHER PROJECTS – Saving money through coordination with other construction works in the city (maintenance of roads, district heating improvements etc.) – Ongoing process that we have already started with projects like Skt. Annæ Plads and on bicycle routes on Amager
  19. 19. QUESTIONS WE ARE LOOKING FOR ANSWERS TO • Are there any blind spots that we are not seeing? • Any problems that we are addressing that could be solved in an easier way? • The political and communication process – which arguments will be the most significant? • Comments and feed back in general on the work
  20. 20. •High uncertainty - both regarding prognoses and technology •We have chosen to aim towards the upper estimates in the IPCC scenarios •Will only matter after about 50 years - until then the scenarios follow more or less the same path. •Continuous revision of the plan allows for adjustments. Choice of scenario - what are we protecting us against?
  21. 21. Urban Heat Island
  22. 22. Risk calculation Probability * cost
  23. 23. Risk calculation
  24. 24. Risk map
  25. 25. The game changer - July 2nd 2011
  26. 26. The game changer • High political attention (nationally and local • Fast implementation • Cloudburst Management Plan - new service level - planning for 100 year event • Change in legislation - new finance mechanisms to enable surface solutions
  27. 27. Decision of safety level
  28. 28. A green and blue city - adapted to a future climate = more quality of life • Adaptation is not just a negative meassure • We can increase the recreational area and create more quality of life for copenhageners • We can help make copenhageners more healthy • We can create synergy with other planning
  29. 29. Methods to ensure the city from flooding
  30. 30. New possibilitys
  31. 31. City of Copenhagen as front runner on climate adaptation Strategic planning Longterm planning embedded in the city’s planning system Great potential, locally, nationally and internationally Global investment needed Partnership Copenhagen Municipality will partner universities, foundations and private companies in the development of solutions Innovation Copenhagen will create new solutions regarding adaptation that can be attatched to the Copenhagen brand on high quality of life
  32. 32. •Will influence the way we utilise and plan urban spaces •Will influence the use and development of recreative areas in the city •In the future we have to make sure that we can manage and control water when we develop the city, and we will actively use water as a ressource to improve the urban life Adaptation is a new precondition in urban development
  33. 33. Kan det betale sig ? Citat: ”Vi kan ikke gå med til stramme skatteskruen” Gør ingenting scenarie: • Husforsikring vil stige med måske 40% afhængig af risikoen for vandskade svarende til 3.000 kr./år Klimatilpasnings scenarie med finansiering via takster • 600-900 kr./år Eksempel: Almindeligt parcelhus
  34. 34. Thank you for your attention Jeppe T City of Cope ag6n@tm
  35. 35. A BRIEF RECAP OF 2013 • Detailed plans of the 7 water catchments of Copenhagen • Public hearing of the water catchments • Political process – deciding on the main principles of storm water management in the 7 water catchment areas • Municipal elections – new mayor for the Technical and Environmental Administration – and a new Commitee. • Oh yes – and a small storm surge in December just to remind us to start working more on that as well.....
  36. 36. ORGANISATION OF THE PROCESS • Steering commitee – City representatives (construction, planning, traffic, authority and regulations) – Water Utility Company • Project secretariat • Cooperation with Water Utility • Coordination with Financial Administration
  37. 37. 37 COORDINATION WITH WATER UTILITY – The implementation of the cloudburst management plan is a close partnership with Greater Copenhagen Water Utility according to national regulations for financing climate adaptation works. – The major part of the works is paid through the water fees, but there is a need for continuous municipal co-financing to secure progress. – The establishment of a cooperation and coordination forum that can coordinate the work – also regarding other initiatives in the city. – Cooperation and coordination with neighbouring municipalities – Ongoing coordination with projects in the city that so far has not taken adaptation into consideration.
  38. 38. TIME SCHEDULE FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION PLAN • Tight schedule – we have to finish the political process by December 2014 in order to achieve the optimal financial model (100% water fee financed for storm water management) • Implementation plan has to be finished by mid September to allow time for political treatment
  39. 39. THE PROJECTS • Breaking down of the 7 water catchment areas into projects (only of the main structures – the backbone of the new storm water management infrastructure) • About 470 different projects
  40. 40. THE PROJECTS • Some will be traditional projects (underground reservoirs, pipes etc) • Some will be surface solutions (cloudburst boulevards, parks, green roads etc). Here we want to have a number of signature projects highlighting the possibilities for improving the city through green and blue solutions
  41. 41. TIME SCHEDULE AND PRIORITISATION OF PROJECTS • Where do we start? • Water management issues – combined with other issues (synergies with other projects, urban development other political priorities) • We have to produce a plan to show the implementation of the 470 projects and especially the projects that we start up now.
  42. 42. POLITICAL PROCESS AND COMMUNICATION • Implementation of the cloud burst management plan is one of the biggest political decisions in many years • High investment costs • Transformation of the city in many aspects • Therefore the political process and the public communication has to be carefully planned
  43. 43. POLITICAL PROCESS • Seminar for politicians in Technical and Environmental committee in June – 1½ hours of presentation and first discussions • Offer of separate meetings between administration and the political party-groups • Seminar for politicians in August – 2 day seminar with the final prioritisations • Political treatment of final implementation plan from October to December – final decision by City Council in December
  44. 44. COMMUNICATION • Political communication – We have to tell the story in a simple way – but without losing the main points – Complicated – also because it is unknown territory – they are worried about what they are committing themselves to. – We need to make them understand the necessity of the connected infrastructure even if there are some of the suggested solutions they do not like – We need to make them understand that they HAVE to make a decision before 2015 to secure the optimal financing model
  45. 45. PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT • New committee with a strong focus on public involvement • Local committees for each city district – with a strong desire to be involved • We have had a public hearing period with a lot of public meetings – but we need to have more • Local prioritisations to be presented for politicians