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Session 2 Bambang Susantono


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3rd Annual OECD Green Investment Financing Forum

Published in: Environment
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Session 2 Bambang Susantono

  1. 1. Greening Finance in Sustainable Infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific Bambang Susantono Vice President, Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development
  2. 2. Source: The Sustainable Infrastructure Imperative: Financing for Better Growth and Development, NCE (2016).
  3. 3. Asia-Pacific needs to accelerate public and private investment in climate-positive and sustainable projects and programs  Big gap between actual versus needed climate investments: $300bn needed annually in Asia until 2050 to meet 2 degree target. Globally up to $500bn will be needed annually for adaptation by 2050.*  Public and private capital available for deployment, including in Asia-Pacific region  Plenty of ‘proven’ technologies with good economics  But risks are holding back actual investments * Sources: Asian Development Outlook 2016 Update, UNEP Adaptation Finance Gap report 2016
  4. 4. 3 Key points:  MDBs share in total green investments is small, yet key through their power to leverage other actors, setting standards, and engagement with developing member countries  Sustainable infrastructure is not only about a low carbon economy but also entails building infrastructure that is resilient to climate change and enables delivery of the SDGs  Policy dialogue at country levels is key (carbon pricing, elimination of subsides and enabling NDC implementation) Greening Finance in Infrastructure
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